BJSS and RMC, Look at the facts first please

Initially when I was informed about the potential take over of the Bukit Jalil Sports School by the National Sports Council, I was under the impression that it was a partial take over.

One that only involved the sporting aspects and not the academic interests of the students.

A full takeover was also not something that went well with three former director generals of the National Sports Council – Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad, Dato Dr, Ramlan Abdul Aziz and Dato Seri Zolkples Embong.

Al three voiced their reservations of a total take over, though they all agreed a partial take over was a good idea, especially enhancing the coaching aspects.

But I was yesterday morning told by one of them that we were probably misinformed – that the takeover was only partial and on sini list lines with the Royal Military College.

That go me to check on how the RMC operates and how different or similar was the proposal by Sports Minister Syed Saddiq to the Prime Minister, obviously charted by NSC officials.

Now there is a clearer explanation that probably confirms what I had initially feared – it is a total takeover of the school.

It is learnt that BJSS will be re-names at the Akademi Sukan Prestasi Tinggi ( High Performance Academy).

So the focus will only be on a limited number of athletes and not like what it is now, meaning the lesser sports will lose out.

Well, looking at RMC, it is a school built by funds from the Ministry of Defence and follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

The academic staff are employed as cadet officers by the Ministry of Defence but are subject to transfers as any normal Teachers.

RMC comes under ATM unlike UPNM.

The academic school curriculum is overseen by the Education Ministry like all schools.

RMC takes in Form 4 and Form 5 students only.

Most of them join UPNM after their SPM if their results permits under UPU Ministry of Education.

UPNM has 2 areas. The Military Academy which is where ATM trains the cadets on military training.

All officers n other ranks both staff n trainers are from ATM.

The academic part of UPNM comes under the jurisdiction of the Education Ministry

Overall UPNM is under the Efucation Ministry. Lecturers and staff comes under Education Ministry.

Hence should the NSC or KBS desire to have its own school like RMC, they should build one like the Ministry of Defence did.

Do not take over an existing Sports School at Federal Level as this can then open the floodgates for states to start taking over the sports schools within their states in the same pretext and argument.

Many memorandum of understandings have been signed between NSC/KBS and various institutions of higher learning.

This has resulted in many a student / athlete getting places to further their studies and some even were given years in extension to complete their degrees.

So what is the justification of this Akademi Sukan Prestasi Tunggi?

Is it for the Minisyer to have his own legacy, something Politicians are so accustomed to?

Or is it merely a ruse for some to extend their shelf life in sports administration as they are being scrutinised for failures, something that was never done in the past?

Or is it just another money making scheme by an in hidden hand at the expense of our sports?

Whatever it is, the end result could well prove to be one big Pandora’s bz that will take years to close.

By the way, anyone remembers why KBS shot down a similar proposal for a Sports University in Labu way back in 2009?

We have tried before, it did not materialise, let’s not go on that path yet again.

This is beyond the pay bracket of some in terms of trying to run a school.

Stick to running sports and at least try to do a better job there then a diversion.