BJSS show that sports and academic do gel

Though there have and will always be reservations with regards to mixing sports and academics, the Bukit Jalil Sports School has proven its worth.

Ever since it’s existence in 1996, it had produced world beaters, winners of medals at the Olympics. Asian Games. Commonwealth Games, SEA Games as well as countless other achievements in sports.

Athletes from BJSS have brought so much honour that it will take months to even list them down.

But it is the ability to churn out athletes that eventually are role models in society that probably portrays best the ability of the school,

No doubt there are and will always be question marks on the selection process into the sports school, but not every student is able to adept to hostel life, with food being the most debated item,

But academically the teachers at the BJSS have proven that they do produce students that Ho on to go well in life.

So let’s just take a glance at those who have not only carved a name for themselves in sports but also excelled in life after school.

We start of with footballer Mohd Mukhzany Faiz Mokhtar who is now a Deputy Prosecutor with the MACC.

Remember the archer Mon Redee Sut Tzu? Well she completed her PhD and is now a lecturer at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

For those who May have forgotten, she was an Olympian.

Affra Nadia another archer is now a Doctor attached with the Ministry of Health.

And from athletics we have Associate Professor Nur Ikhwan Mohamad who is now lecturing at UPSI as well.

Not forgetting Robani Hassan who is a sports Officer at Unimap.

From gymnastics we have Goh Yi Wei who is now a Doctor serving in New Zealand as well as Siti Afidah who is also a Doctor in Ireland,

Footballer Stanley Bernard and Sepak Takraw player Azlan Mubin are now household names as they are astute Football pundits over TV. And another gymnast Nurul Faitha Abdul Hamid is a producer with RTM.

Aruna Santapan who excelled in Netball at the Commonwealth Games is now a sports psychologist with the National Sports Institute.

Another Netball player Faezah Jais is the head of the Physio and Rehab unit at NSI.

Three national hockey players, Razie Rahim, Nabil Fiqri and Azreen Rizal are Inspectors with the Royal Malaysian Police.

From Rugby we have Abdul Rahman Aziz who is a pilot with Air Asia.

And not forgetting those from BJSS who are now professional footballers, well before AMD in Gambang was even thought off in the likes of the Radzak twins. Aidil and Zaquan, Nik Adib Nik Mar, Faizal Marlias, Syafiq Rahim and Shahrul Idlan.

Actually I have a list of 50 students who today are doing well in their life after sports.

So to those who were critical of the academic achievements of the school or dispel the notion that sports and academics can mix, they better think again.

So why the necessity for KBS to try taking over MOE?

Unless the Minister wants to switch portfolios which we will encourage for the betterment of sports.