BJSS takeover: Ramlan says not the right thing to do

Former National Sports Council Director General and National Sports Institute Chief Executive Officer is not supportive of a total take over of the Bukit Jalil Sports School.

Rather Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz feels that there should be an agreement of sorts between the Ministry of Education and Sports Ministry.

And the man who has seen it all in his years of service towards sports in the country was willing to share his thoughts on the proposed take over of the Bukit Jalil Sports School, be it partial or full.

The drum playing medical doctor who has seen his fair share of joy and disappointments in sports over three decades is of the opinion that it is necessary to develop a close working relationship between the two stakeholders for a workable eco system based on mutual trust.

“ We should just give our respective contributions, in ISN’s case, provide the expert service, in a mutually agreed manner, in workable way or system that we fashion together,” said Dr. Ramlan when his views were sought on the possible takeover by KBS of the BJSS.

“ Though the initial concepts and the scientific processes would still be ISN’s., after all, generally our role is performance management while MSN’s role is programme management., it needs to be managed well.

“ We (ISN) also had a similar approach working with State Sports Councils through our satellite centres.

“ ISN even had a satellite centre at SSTMI while SSBJ was serviced by ISN HQ in Bukit Jalil.”

Dr. Ramlan was also referring to the issue of lack of support for the Bandar Penawar Sports School as highlighted by an athletics coach on the lack of services for athletes at SSTMI.

“ If you recall, ISN did the TID programme “MyTID” together with “ Bahagian Sukan KPM “ in 2015. Funds were acquired via ISN/KBS funds but we spent the major part of it on the training of teachers by our panel of experts, how to test and collect and manage the raw data, etc, on the test implementations,” said Ramlan.

“ While ISN safeguarded the process, procedures and results management especially the analyticals plus database for overall continuous data and scientific/technical management and future upgrades.

“ In that scenario, although ISN did the programme management, the programme was rolled out and implemented jointly with oversight and control by a joint ISN/Bahagian Sukan KPM Committee.

“ All that requires mutual respect and close working relationships which is engendered by proper understanding of respective roles and responsibilities.

“ That sort of productive and rewarding environment will not likely be engendered by an approach seeking predominance or a takeover of specialised roles and responsibilities held by others.”

In summing up Dr. Ramlan said that any organisation imbued with integrity and respect will always have a friendly, collaborative and inclusive approach rather than resort to monopoly as a solution. No single entity has all the answers.

“ Of course, this is all my personal and professional opinion and should not be regarded as the official policies of ISN.” clarified Dr. Ramlan, who is a sports medicine specialist of thirty years experience in high performance sports, including management roles in various capacities in ISN, MSN and ADAMAS.

So a total takeover is not the right path as that will surely create more issues then resolving the current ones.

But when egos get in the way, it does not matter what is right or wrong.

For every minister worth his salt wants a legacy.

Perhaps this is why Syed Sadiq wants his own sports academy, by hijacking BJSS.