BJSS Takeover: Zolkples says if not broken, why fix it,

The entire idea of the National Sports Council of taking over the Bukit Jalil Sports School does not make sense at all.

In voicing his option when comments were sought for, former NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong said that doing so would not benefit sports as a whole.

“ The NSC has the expertise in developing Athletes and should stick to its core business of training and enhancing the potential of the athletes.” said Zolkples who was NSC Director General until 2014.

“ I do not think this idea is feasible as it means further thinning the current resources of NSC.

“ Besides, both the parties, NSC and BJSS work well together and if something is not broken what is there to fix.”

Zolkples said that it was vital that the Athletes are given due attention in both their academic as well as sporting aspects.

“ Thers is a fine line between determining how to do that as not every student has the ability to focus on two aspects at any one time,” said the Terengganu born who is now retired after leading MASOC in the 2017 KL SEA Games.

“ The NSC should chart the future of these athletes by providing them more opportunities beyond their school life.

“ That means creating a pathway that best suits them . As for the academics, the NSC needs to leave it to the experts.”

He added that understanding the needs of a student/Athlete was never an easy task and even during his time at NSC there were many challenges as the school had basic requirements that need to be met.

“ So it’s best to work alongside and not compete with each other when it comes to using the services of these students for events,” said Zolkples.

“ What I can advise is just this – focus on your core business and leave the education part or running schools to those who are training for it.

“ Let’s not get our hands dirty in something we are alien to.”