Bolasepak milik rakyat, bukan bapak you

When I broke the news of the possibility of Manchester United making a stop in Kuala Lumpur this July, I did not expect to win the Nobel or Pulitzer award.

It was after all just a story based on information I gathered from several parties, both locally and internationally.

However I was not quite prepared for the reaction that story received from three officials from the Football Association of Malaysia and the Malaysian Football League.

These three individuals told off the promoter of the match , by undermining me, by stating that I was not someone trustworthy, a nuisance and someone he should not associate with if the match was to materialise.

I have now consulted several Lawyers with regards to the statements made by these three individuals and will be seeking legal redress on this matter for slander.

I have been involved in sports administration for well over 37 years and the conduct of these three individuals, who sadly hold high office within Football in this country, to be disgraceful, sickening as well as truly personal in nature.

I can expose each of them and shane them but I will let the legal process as well as karma do it’s job.

But I want to make it very clear here that the aspersions they cast about where I got my information in the match was totally wrong but that is what you get from those who do not know how to run a football league let alone run Football.

So what if I wrote the story?

Is it because your cronies did not get to write it first?

Or is it because your official is eyeing a contract for the visit?

Or is it that you yourself want to cash in on the visit and get your photos splashed all over the print and electronic media?

Or is it you want to cut out a deal for the match to materialise?

There are many such possibilities why people tend to look down upon others.

But in this case it’s pure jealousy and the fear factor.

Jealousy as the rug got pulled beneath their feet,

Fear factor due to the fact that they know that I am well aware of their shoddy dealings in the sport.

Need I say more?

Well one thing is certain you three stooges, bolasepak milik rakyat, Bukan bapak you.