Bukit Mertajam Hockey Pitch – The Empty Promise

While the Deputy Sports Minister is pretty vocal with regards to many issues governing sports, we wonder what his response is to the long overdue construction of an artificial Hockey pitch in Bukit Mertajam, which is his parliamentary constituency,

Two years down, there is hardly any progress and the silence is deafening both from the state government , the state hockey body and the sports ministry.

(Ground Breaking)

There is no doubt that Hockey is suffering Penang due to the lack of a proper home for the sport to develop.

Left at the mercy of the university authorities ( as the only pitch is in USM) Hockey enthusiasts have to make do with limited resources, a sad state of affairs given that the promise of building a turf as a reward for winning the Sukma gold remains just that – a promise.

( 8-9 months after ground breaking)

Below are some statements that could well help Steven Sim recall the whole lot of empty promises and use his position to do something about it;

So while Steven Sim was sharing his experience of watching the Asian Games Hockey Final with our present King in Jakarta last year during a visit to theKL Hockey Stadium, dare we expect him to visit the neglected construction of a stadium in his own back yard?

As reported by The Star on 6 December 2017

“ “The state government is contributing RM3.5mil to the project, which will be undertaken by a private company, AEI International Berhad,” said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at the signing ceremony of the agreement to build the field in Komtar on Monday.”

The following was part of the speech by the then Penang Chief Minister in the ground breaking ceremony.



“Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan (MMK) dalam mesyuaratnya pada 2 November 2016 dan disahkan pada 10 November 2016 telah bersetuju untuk pembinaan sebuah stadium hoki di atas tanah Kerajaan Negeri dengan anggaran 6 ekar di Lot 2763, Mukim 10, Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai Tengah. Pembinaan stadium hoki ini merupakan obligasi sosial Kerajaan Negeri dalam pembangunan sukan negeri. Pembinaan stadium hoki ini juga bertujuan memberi pengiktirafan kepada pasukan lelaki negeri Pulau Pinang yang berjaya memenangi pingat emas dalam Sukma Ke-18 Sarawak 2016.”

( Last month)

So we expect that Steven Sim, being.vocal as he normally is on issues on sports, will now respond to this article and provide an explanation that will make sense to the Hockey lovers in Penang.

After all let’s not deprive those who saw light at the end of the tunnel, unless of course being vocal is just part of being a politician.