Change in Govt? What it means to sports

The last 24 hours has been interesting to say the least on our political scenario.

But the developments are of utmost importance to those in the sports fraternity, no matter how apolitical one chooses to be.

A change of government looks imminent if not certain. But why for sports this is something to look forward to positively?

First and foremost, an important announcement is scheduled for Wednesday with regards to the taking over of the Bukit Jalil Sports School by the Ministry of Youth & Sports from the Ministry of Education.

I had highlighted this matter in early January and most media establishments decided it was not an important story to pursue or highlight.

Many thought it was a fake story then but a month later they realised there was truth in it after all.

Anyway what is the justification of those at the National Sports Council wanting time take over the BJSS?

Is it really to improve the sporting fortunes of the country?

Is it to ensure a legacy for the current DG who really has nothing to show compared to his predecessors?

Is it an attempt driven by greed to take over that valuable piece of land and develop it?

Is it just a business venture at the expense of sports?

Dato Ahmad Shapawi was responsible for removing the state high performance centres upon ascending the throne.

And he had to do a U turn by now re-installing then.

Has he bothered to explain why he shit them down in the first place?

And is anyone aware that his trusted ace , Jeffry Ngadirin has now been relieved of many of the positions he held on to.

There has been a revamp of sorts in NSC, a small time change of government to say.

Jeffry no longer handles the Development Unit while jangled directly the NFDP, NRDP, NHDP.

Instead it is now u der Safrusahar who is best remembered for his hard work with Para Athletes.

Shahar now handles the Event Management ( which entails Sukma and international events) as well as Development.

So now Jeffry handles only the Elite Athletes Program, something he should have focussed on solely two years ago

Back to the takeover of the school .

Unlike political matters where taking to the streets seem to be the way to voice opposition, those in sports are somewhat more silent in voicing their disagreement.

This is the time for those who care about academics and sports to come out of their shell and speak up.

It’s time for those who are passionate and do not agree with what’s happening to speak up.

The alumni of BJSS needs to be decisive and take a stand.

Or forever hold your peace and not whimper once damage done.