Clocks ticking for MFL and Hamidin

Are there going to be heads rolling in the Malaysian Football League?

Not the competition proper but the administrators of the MFL could well find some being asked to walk the plank.

In barely 20 days, the month of November will come to an end.

And it’s significant as teams in the M-League are still owed 50 per cent of their promised grants which totalled RM3 million per Super League team and RM1 million for a Premier League team.

Given the fact there are 12 in the Super League, the amount is a whopping RM1.8BIL million.

Add another RM5 million for Premier, MFL needs to raise RM23 million in the next 20 days.

No one would want to be in the position of double President Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin.

But heavy is the head that wears the crown and Hamidin needs to make some unpopular decisions, and real fast,

Yes there is supposed to be money coming in from a TV deal with a company that was announced in July.

But until now Hamidin has not spoken about it and nor has he given any assurance that the balance of the grant will be paid as promised.

This is a litmus test for Hamidin and his Advisors is for all to see.

Failure to meet the payment deadline will cast a serous count on his ability to administer what was to be a corporate body set up to manage Football

And he needs to start culling those who have not delivered

After all life on the fast track is all about meeting the KPI set,

So the bigger the pay bracket, the faster they are shown the exit door,

Lest MFL winds up and bhd stakeholders left yo bear the burden of debts.

Sure it’s time for Hamidin to take stick of the situation as his honeymoon period was Long over even before he assumed the position,

The clock is ticking…. tick tock…tick tock….tick tock..