Club Aman – Let’s make it the pride of Sikhs

I normally do not blog about matters concerning the Simh Community.

But this time around I am making an exception.

An exception due to the fact that I am now a bona fide member of Club Aman having been approved in June last year.

With the elections of its Management Committee skates on April 8, my phone has been daily been updated with sordid tales of mismanagement, baseless accusations, pledges, campaign materials.

Having sieved through what was written, I feel sad that my community has resorted to gutter politics, all in the name for power and positions.

A community that took pride of never washing dirty linen in public has now resorted to cowardly acts of poison pen, a race that took pride in being honest and upfront, now resorting towards lies, slander and defamation.

There is an avenue for venting frustrations / through the ballot box and that it the right way to do things, after self soul searching on what is right and wrong.

I am compelled to write this to clarify one pertinent point, that certain members were inducted or admitted as members without interviews.

I am one such person and I readily will admit to that.

I has applied for membership and almost three months went by without any news, hence calls were made to the office.

I was told that I had to attend an interview session. Three appointments are made but I could not attend any – as I am a dialysis patient and undergo treatment 3 tines a week.

In addition I had also undergone cornea transplant during that period, thus limiting my movements.

Now the committee even tried a phone interview but the timing clashed with the time I was strapped on to the machine.

Hence was it wrong for them to show control assign, to grant me a membership due to my medical condition? Were they in breach of regulations in trying to be human? Did they abuse their piers taking into consideration their liberty to dispense with an interview after three attempts?

If they were wrong then I am willing to return my membership and cease being a member as I thought finally after years I was ready to go to a club of my community to enjoy a meal and listen to music to take the pain away.

I had the privilege of dining with a few sports Journalists, National Football coach Dato Ong Kim Swee, AFC Secretary General Dato Windsor Paul and all of them were happy to see significant changes to the club, fron security, decor and general outlay as well as activities of the club.

Back to the elections, yes I will be there to cast my vote and I have no plans to be swayed by any party or team as I shall vote candidates and no t by team.

I redirect and admire the work done by Dato Baljit Singh and I believe he ought to be given a chance to lead the club.

Next for Vice President, obviously my vote goes towards Surinder Singh Dhaliwal.

I grew up with Surinder, as we played Hockey together since 1977. We were bitter enemies on the pitch but brothers off it.

This Seremban lad, the son of late Pritam Singh Preet, has risen from merely being a factory supervisor to a successful businessman. It came through sheer hard work and perseverance, not by being born with a silver spoon,

He skippered that NS Razak Cup Hockey Team to its first final after 11 years in 1988.

His astute knowledge in sports, his ability to manage situations, his passion for sports – be it Hockey or Badminton is second to none.

And I firmly believe that he has what it takes to compliment Baljit as his second in command.

As for the Spirts Chairman, here is when the headache comes in,

Both Gurmit and Ranjit have their good and bad points and I know them personally having been involved with them for years,

The duo are perfect gentlemen off the hickey pitch and never fail to greet me in any occasion. I had hoped I would never had to chose between these two and it’s sad to see rai food friends going at each other , all for the name of service.

What I really want to say is let us Nor split our community just because we have personally vendetta against each other., leave that to the other communities.

We need to build Club Aman into an institution that other communities will be proud Off, we need to start producing world class sportsman as we did in the past for there is not one sikh in the National hockey Team. There are just so many Sikhs Who contributed to the national cause but I will name a few – Harnek Singh, Harnial Singh. Avtar Gill, Updesh Singh, Mohinder Singh, Avtar Grewal Sarjit Singh, Kerpal Singh. Manindersjof Singj, Aphtar Singh, Baljit Charun…. abd the list is endless.

We need to produce Athletes in athletics where the likes of Ghenda Singh, Samreet Singh, Narebdar Kaur. Nashatar Singh, Harbans Kaur, Nauraj Singh.

Then in cricket we had Dato Dr Harjit Singh, Dato Dr. Amarjit Singh, Bhupundet Singh and many more.

We also produced great administrators in the likes of Amar Singh, the man who almost upstaged G. Vijaynathan as the MHF Secretary if not for one vote and Dato Dr. Gurucharan Singh.

So let’s not vote based on emotions but after giving it a Seri thought as to where this club ought to head,

Put your faith in those whom you feel will be able to deliver the goods, vote individuals and not teams.

Together we can move boulders, for if we are divided we will fear stones.