CMCO: in Sports , some suffer others exploit

The decision by the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican to submit and appeal to allow sports facilities to remain open during the CNCO period is a welcomed one.

The owners of these sports facilities in Klang Valley in the past CMCO were badly hit.

Though there was an advisory then in place for a stringent SOP there was no cases of infections as the level of discipline by the operators was high in terms of compliance.

A 50 per cent capacity will help maintain social distancing and no competitions will help reduce the number of individuals involved.

As an additional incentive, perhaps the Minister could help submit for fax breaks for the operators.

Most of these operators have suffered losses by the CMCO and the owners of the facilities have not reduced rental rates.

The logic is simple – if four can dine then why can’t 4 play a badminton match?

Social distancing should be enforced on public transport strictly.

Bit had transport Minister ever taken a ride on say the Komuter or LRT after 5pm?

Amazingly he promoted social hugging as he reduced the frequency of trains.

Perhaps that his version of work from home!

Back to sports, perhaps it’s time for all sports associations to forgo planning of any sports activities for the year,

And use the next two months can be used to submit relevant documentation that’s outstanding to the Sports Commissioner Office.

It is learnt several sports bodies have yet to hold their annual general meetings for years:

There is so much that can be done in sports but one body has decided to shit their office citing CMCO,

Organisations like this are merely capitalising on the situation.

Well the 500 odd athletes in training are risking their lives while this sports body have their staff work from home.

But when it comes to year end bonus trust the management to push for it.

A four month holiday must also be taken into account

And remember without athletes you will not have a job.

In management terms this is called exploiting the situation,

Tepuk dada tanya Selera.