Crystal Clear, Minister and SCO cannot intervene in elections or AGM

Why is Sports Minister Syed Saddiq so obsessed with the elections of the Paralympic Council of Malaysia?

Barely 24 hours before the AGM last Saturday, his Ministry through the Sports Commissioners Office issued a decree, saying that five candidates failed to meet the requirements to contest the elections,

But that press release was so poorly written that never did it direct the PCM to disqualify the candidates.

And yesterday he said that a new investigation into PCM will be initiated to check in their legality of their electoral process.

So why the deep interest in PCM?

Simply because he fears that Khairy Jamaluddin, the former Sports Minister will win and then sit in the National Sports Council Board.

So by trying yo throw the night of the Sports Act, Sadiq’s hopes to get Khairy out of the race,

So Mr. Minister, since your concern in rules and regulations is deep rooted and your only desire of to adhere to the Rule of Law, kindly take note of the following provision in the PCM Constitution.

Since there have been disparaging remarks cast on PCM, do you not think appropriate action should be initiated?

And talking about rules, has the Minister read the views expressed by a senior officer at the Sports Commissioner Office?

Try intervene and risk the wrath of the international fraternity Sir.

For its clearly dorky out you cannot intervene.

Let PCM decide and say publicly you accept whatever decision that they undertake.

Are you not part of Malaysia Baru? Let the ballot box do the talking.

SCO: No power to cancel sports associations’ elections’

KUALA LUMPUR, July 2 (Bernama) — The Sports Commissioner’s Office (SCO) today clarified that it did not possess the authority to cancel the candidature or election of leaders within any national sports association.

SCO official Asmadi Mohamad said individuals who were unhappy with the elections of an association, could make complaints at the respective association’s annual general meeting and if a complaint was not addressed, the matter could be taken to the courts.

When contacted by Bernama, he said there were no provisions in the Sports Development (Amendment) Act 2018 which enabled the commission to make decisions concerning elections.

Explaining that Section 23 of the Act provides that all internal disagreements must be settled through internal procedures, he said the commission normally advised sports associations to follow the procedures provided for under their respective constitutions.

“We are not a body which enforces the law…we are more of a body that administers the law”, he said, commenting in response to the Paralympic Council of Malaysia (MPM) elections on Saturday which had been adjourned after the body took note of the SCO’s statement confirming that there were irregularities and contraventions of regulations in reference to the council’s candidature process.

On June 25, the SCO received a complaint from the Malaysian Canoe Association (MASCA), opposing the candidatures for elections scheduled to be held at the MPM’s annual general meeting (AGM) on June 29.

MPM secretary-general Siti Zaharah Abdul Khalid told Bernama the council would need to call for a meeting to discuss the new date for the postponed AGM, after which it would submit the date to the SCO.