Decide on best man to lead BAM

Speak your mind now or forever hold your piece.
That will be the apt way to describe how the Badminton Association of Malaysia affiliates should act at the council meeting to be held in Kuching on Saturday.

The council meeting will discuss the dates for the Annual General Meeting, which needs a 3 week notice. And more then likely it will be held before the end of April.

Utmost on the minds of the BAM council members is the battle for the presidents post, between incumbent Acting President Tan Sri Al Amin Majid and Deputy President Dato Seri Mohd Norza Zakaria.

Both the candidates have good credentials and there is little to separate the two of them.

But the BAM council needs to pick one of them, by consensus to avert a bitter campaign leading up to the AGM.

BAM has been known to resolve issues internally, through discussions and by convention have averted a battle for the President’s post since 1985.

This is what the Council will be looking at doing in Kuching, hoping that the issues will be amicably decided.

Neither candidate is willing to budge and that is why the affiliates need to make a stand today – throw their support behind the candidate of their choice, thus clearly indicating who is the chosen one, and allow the other to step aside gracefully.

By speaking up at the council meeting, it will send a signal to either candidate, by staying neutral it will only cause a division within BAM leading up to the AGM.

In reality BAM does not need to waste time on political battles off the court as the on court results have been discouraging to say the least.

Just looking at the Malaysian Open will send shivers as our players fell like tenpins, on home turf, with only Lee Chong Wei keeping the Jalur Gemilang soaring high.

China, Korea, Indonesia have dominated the semi finals as we only have one player in the 10 semi finals to be contested.

This is what BAM should be looking at – to improve our fortunes on the court.

The performance of a national body is only indicated through the success internationally. Just ask the FAM as it might have the best in terms of facilities and administration but when the national team falters badly, the fans and critics do not bite their tongue.

A three week long campaign, although fair and just in terms of a democratic process, will only serve to create divisions within BAM, something the national body should avert.

Hence the council should make their stand clear and decide today.

After all that is what Al Amin wants – let the council decide.