DS Reezal dares engage NSA’s in dialogue

It has been four months since Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican was named as the Youth and Sports Minister.

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, the Minister has initiated several meetings or discussions with various sports stakeholders albeit through online platforms.

But on Saturday, it will be a nation of fire for the Kepala Batas MP,

For DS Reezal has consented to attend the Olympic Council of Malaysia council meeting.

His predecessor Syef Saddiq did not even visit OCM in his two year tenure let alone meet the national sports associations in a formal meeting.

But Reezal has taken it one step further – he had agreed to a dialogue session with the national sports associations on Saturday.

This surely is a bold step by the Minister who professors the spirit of inclusivity rather then exclusivity.

DS Reezal has probably achieved and fine much more for sports compared to what Safia did.

His formation of a Task Force to review the Podium Program was frowned upon by many within the NSC.

And appointing Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz as chairman probably has ruffled more feathers.

Next it will be interesting to see what changes Reezal intends to make in the National Football Development Program.

After having made changes to the composition of the NSC Board and soon the Stadium Board, do not discount the possibility of changes to the NFDP committee.

The Minister has shown his acumen in picking the right people for the right task as shown in his choice in the NSC Board.

However it is left to be seen just who will be appointed to the Dispute Resolution Panel that was created under the Sports Development Act that was amended in Match 2018.

Here it is Botak that those with knowledge in sports and not academicians or legal minds rule the roost.

Sports is unique and most of the times common sense prevails over everything else.

Another area the right honourable minister must put right is the Anti Doping Agency.

The Adamas must be restructured and a Board formed to preside over of.

It must not only been seen to be independent of government interference but also be independent of agencies such at NSC and NSI.

So here is throwing the gauntlet at the Minister.

And Saturday will hopefully see a closer rapport between the Minister and those who matter in Malaysian sports.