Dud Legends That Continue To Live Off Sports

There are two types of former Athletes – one that gives back to the sport and the other that keeps cashing in on his past glory.

Let’s first start on the first – those who upon retiring, some even prior to that, contribute in terms of coaching kids, holding sessions to promote their sport and getting involved in development programs with some even going on to hold positions in sports bodies, from club, district, state, national and then international.

Their paths are littered with obstacles but using their never say die attitude they prevail eventually.

In contrast you have some so called legends that continue to take from the sport even 10-20 years after retirement.

They just cash in on their past glory, behave as if they are the saviour S of that sport, give opinions that they steal from others in coffee shops talks, sell their souls to the highest bidder – never mind their sport is in doldrums, a fact that all can see lest they and their “ bosses” who continue to flog the “old” rave horse that cannot even walk straight let alone talk straight.

Why does this happen? Who is responsible?

Firstly this blame is the media as they hero worship these athletes who are first to say something despite not doing anything for their sport.

They are easily available, one phone call away and ready to blabber what ever the journalist wants to know, more often then not being led up the wrong path but oblivious to that fact.

Some of these former heroes forget their principles, sit in committees, for their moment in glory and still want to see their names in bright lights.

They accept positions like committee members, panelists, and worst of all as team managers.

Indeed becoming team

Managers when they were virtually a dud, a lazy and non existence individual when given the chance earlier.

They mismanage funds, go shopping for their spouses, bring friends to stay with them in overseas trips and worst of all they only turn up at the airport when team is about to

Leave, not being at trainings or friendlies.

These are the type of people that even cannot buy the team breakfast but get away because they have the gift of the gap.

They have one ability though – they know how to carry and polish – balls and the right ones.

And to them that’s what’s needed to say relevant and that’s why our sports continue to decline – as these are leeches you cannot get rid off as those higher ups love their balls carried by these self proclaimed “ legends.”

The word “ legend” is so easily used these days that frankly if one calls you a legend , be offended for you are being bunched in a league of yes men who could not care less about the sport.

Frankly does sports really need a manager or rather another person who can contribute as a technical expert?

That is the question that genuine “ legends” should ask themselves but their greed and exploitation mentality lets them accept whatever position they are given and not care about the sport.

After all they live off the sport, never produced a single player let alone coached a school team, but they want to be known as legends and continue to sell their names 20 years on.

Frankly they are parasites that our sports does not need.

And who are they ?

“ Tepuk dada tanya Selera” as some are already sitting warmly in sears and some to be a bounced soon…