Exclusive ; Chong Wei has positive vibes

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The nations best loved athlete Dato Lee Chong Wei spared a few minutes of his time to provide this website with insights in his most important battle off the court – his fight with nose cancer that was detected July.

In a brief but meaningful chat Monday night, the Penang lad who turned 35 the day before was sounding himself despite a tough time he had gone through of late.

Below we share the thoughts of Chong Wei, his current condition and views on recent happenings in Badminton in the country.

Kindly remember that we need to respect his desire to focus on his recovery and to media friends, Chong Wei assures them that he will hold a press session in weeks to come.

Suffice to say Chong Wei sounded very cheerful, confident, spoke like his normal self and was very friendly – the traits he has built in the the years that I have known him personally.

Question: On your battle with nasal

cancer .

DLCW: it came as a shock to me but it was fated and I have accepted it. What to do, as no one expects things like this. So when it was confirmed, I sought treatment and now we just have to see how it goes. But I feel optimistic and will adhere to doctors orders to overcome this.

Question: How do you feel right now and are you going to Taiwan for a follow up?

DLCW; I feel fine and am resting, perhaps I needed this rest after all the years on the courts. There are no plans to go to Taiwan at the moment as reports are provided to my Doctors there in a regular basis.

Question : When will you return to the courts?

DLCW: It all depends on what the Doctors say , but really not before next year, three is a possibility of next February but then again it depends on my progress and response to the treatment.

Question: Only a very limited number of people have visited you, why is this so?

DLCW; My immune level is rather Low, so there is a need to be have precautions as I am susceptible to picking up infections. I know many want to visit me or for me to be seen in public but I do hope they understand why I am not able to do public appearances,

Question: What are your thoughts on Wong Choon Hann being appointed as

DLCW; It is wise and good move by BAM to give a local the job as they could have easily taken a foreigner. But having said that Choon Hann has a tough task ahead as it’s not easy, he alone cannot uplift our Badminton standards. He needs the cooperation of all coaches in the national set up and it is they that must decide their commitment and assistance to Choon Hann. It’s a collective effort and I hope the coaches will be honest and work together as one team as only together we can improve our international fortunes.

Question : Your message to fans, media and the Badminton fraternity,

DLCW; I must thank all of you for your messages for my well being as well as my birthday. More importantly thank you for being understanding and as you all know I am a fighter on the court and pray that I win this off court battle. Your prayers provide me the strength .


Footnote; I am just a friend of Chong Wei, no commercial gain sought or doing any work for him. I always shared a close friendship with him and developed his trust over the past 20 years since I know him.