Exclusive : Chong Wei talks in his first day back at BAM

With most expecting Dato Lee Chong Wei to start training next Monday, he served a surprise by turning up at Bukit Kiara to do physical training at the gym under the supervision of his trainer and coaches Misbun Sidek and Hendrawan.

It was homecoming of sorts for the nasal cancer stricken Chong Wei who shares his thoughts on his return to the BAM Academy, a place he fondly calls his second home.

After a two hour workout with his coaches and physical conditioner, the Penang born was rather relaxed and jovial despite going through the paces at the Badminton Academy of Malaysia gym at Bukit Kiara.

“ It was a wonderful but at the same time I was jittery and nervous,” Chong Wei told this blogger.

“ it was a tough and gruelling session but at the end of the day it was rather enjoyable.

“ I went through the normal routine of stretching and moving on to the equipment and I must say I really enjoyed it.”

He added that he will hit the courts next Monday and is really looking forward to it.

“ This is just a small step towards my comeback and one positive thing is I did at all feel tired,” added the 36 year old.

“ It will take time to build up my fitness level but I am very optimistic of my recovery.

“ Yes the raid is long and hard but I believe that I am in the prayers of every Malaysian and that is motivation for me.

“ But let us all take it one day at a time as I try to regain my form and fitness.

“ God willing I hope to start competing international when I am better, physically I mean.

“ Mentally I am as ready as ever and must also that my coaches, Doctors, BAM for their continued support in ensuring my well being.”

Chong Wei is expected to participate in the All England next March.