FAM and MFL take the middle road

As expected the Football Association of Malaysia and the Malaysian Football League opted for the middle road.

Rather then take a decision on the fate of the M – League and other Football competitions, they opted to pass the buck back to THT government via the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

FAM released a statement that they had submitted a proposal on the various options to the Ministry which will be passed on to the Ministry of Health and the National Security Council for consideration.

Hence the two bodies played safe and therefore no blame can be shifted to them.

A clear indication of weak and non decisive leadership that only looks to safeguard their vote bank for next years elections,

Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican was clear in his outlook with regards to the proposal and at the same time made known that the proposal submitted does not give leeway to other sports to submit their own proposals.

“ While I will forward this proposal to the MOH and the NSC, it’s not an opportunity to other sports bodies to start sending proposals to KBS” clarified Dato Seri Reezal Merican.

“ In the case of football, the financial implications are extra ordinary, hence we need to look at the options they have suggested.

“ However paramount to all this is respecting the MCO as well as all other safety features in place.

“ The health of the citizens cannot over ride the need for the season to continue.”

In other words Dato Seri Reezal is not going to over ride the well being on the citizens just to please the footballing fraternity.

Will the MOH and NSC allow football to be played again and if yes when?

It’s now the wait and see game, surely other business sectors who are more adversely affected will jump if FAM and MFL have it their way.

There is no amount of justification that can replace a human life lost.

And all it takes is one positive case to spark the ire of the citizens.