FAM back at work as Melaka get extension better then a pawn shop

On the quiet, the staff at Wisma FAM reported for duty on Monday.

The Football Association of Malaysia had issued a memo to the staff to report beginning Monday , May 4.

While the Head’s of Debarments are to work on Monday’s, Wednesday and a Friday, each department has to schedule two staff to be in duty daily.

And FAM had taken the steps to sanitize Wisma FAM situated in Kelana Jaya.

But that’s not the real story.

Last month in April, FAM had issued a statement that the staff were taking pay cuts due to the MCO and the Covid 19 Pandemic.

It was their way of telling the footballers who the national body were at loggerheads that they too were willing sacrifice by enforcing a 10 per cent salary cut in those earning below RM4,000 while those above that figure were subject to a 20 per cent deduction.

But not once did FAM clarify where or on what the deducted amount will be spent.

Effectively the deductions were from April 15 onwards.

But now that the staff are back at work, well literally though not in full momentum, no one has said anything if they will receive full wages or still be liable for deduction of salary.

This grey are has left many bewildered and unsure of what’s happening.

Going by a layman’s understanding, there cannot be any deductions.

Now why the utter silence by FAM?

Another interesting matter was FAM giving Melaka United an extension for non compliance with regards to payment of salaries.

Rules are rules and if FAM wants to curry favour just because one of their own runs Melaka, then might as well throw the regulation book into the fire that will cook the lemang.

Already the public are fed up with the dilly dallying FAN, and it’s obvious slant towards Melaka is so very obvious.

April 30 was the last date, they failed to make good, so dock them the six points as stated.

Stop wavering and be spineless FAM.

There cannot be two set of regulations if we went to improve.

Saying we are professional and acting professional are two different things.