FAM pay cut, but where does the money go? MFL will soon follow suit

The Football Association of Malaysia sent out a press statement saying that it’s staff has agreed to a pay cut due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The deductions are supposedly for April and supposedly on how long this situation continues.

And trust me the Malaysian Football League will soon issue a similar situation.

But this drama is so badly scripted that it is something to laugh about.

What actually happens to the money that is saved?

Does it remain in FAM and soon MFL coffers?

If that is the case then why bother to deduct?

It is a case of punishing the poor and enriching the rich?

How does FAM or MFL financially bleed from Covid 19?

Had the FAM be smart they should have included such proposals.

Money saved from the exercise will be used towards provision of PPE and face masks for the front liners

Money saved will be used to fund the sanitisation of stadiums where matches are played.

Money saved from this exercise will be used to provide food stuff to those who need it through the government linked agencies

Or even a simple thought like money saved will go towards the National Covid 19 Fund.

Did FAM not learn anything from what JDT did when they announced their 33 per cent pay cut – the money goes to the state Covid 19 fund.

So while FAM are trying to look good in the eyes of the public, their manner and thoughts actually are counter constructive and really they shot them selves in the foot.

Efforts to seek clarification from FAM President were futile as he has stopped responding to my messages on Whatsapp.

Oh well just stop taking advantage of Covid 19 to build your coffers please.

The nation is suffering enough and we need not have such jokers around.