FAM President: DHMA should get a walkover

Since the media frenzy on Football Association of Malaysia President Dato Hamidin Amin to retain his post uncontested has died down, allow me to now share my thought.

Frankly most of the articles were mere Apple polishing one, devoid of questions and ideas as well as failing to understand the eco system of Football.

In particular one incident prior to Dato Hamidin being elected President reminds me of how some actually speak with forked tongues.

There was this individual that went on air to run down Hamidin prior to the 2018 election, citing that Hamidin had no ability to lead FAM as he was at max good enough only for the Sec Hen position.

Today that same individual is a key fingered in the DHMA set up, at times often confusing those in the outside if he is the Sec Gen, poking his nose everywhere since the July 14 elections.

Enough on parasites as we talk about Hamidin and his ability to win another term.

40 individuals determine who hold office so effectively one needs just 11 out of the 20 bodies allowed to vote!

Looking at what Hamidin has done since taking over, three should not be an iota of doubt on his ability to steer the ship for a full four year term,

But the question is just who should be on Team DHMA?

Hamidin needs Teo strong deputies to ride shotgun alongside him,

Not glory seeker or those who go around buying votes,

And looking at Malaysia. Football at present, the current MFLChief Executive Officer Dato Ghani Hassan fits the bill.

Ghani has ber. Working hard to restore the credibility of MFL but he is actually wasted there.

MFL needs a new CEO for next season?! Someone who has astute marketing skills and understand Football and its demographics.

And in the list of Vice President’s, , CAM needs those who can work and not just grin at photo sessions and seek free tickets for cronies.

Some in the Exco are a joke really,sitting t there to get contracts for themselves or those who Apple polish them.

An Executive Committee is like a Board if Director’s?, not people that have vested interests,, only there for sel enrichment and above all wolves in sheep clothing,

FAM used to be run by some great administrators in Exco, the likes of Dato Junid ( Penang, ) the late Dato Goh Ah Chye ( KL) Ibrahim Shamsuddin ( NS), Dato Che Mat Jusoh ( Terengganu)) Dato Seri Redzuan ( Perlis) and Tan Sri Ibrahim Saad plus not forgetting KJ.

These were passionate individuals that served with dignity and class,

If Hamidin had people in this statute in his incoming line up then we would have a bright future as these people call a spade a spade,

Hamidin should be left alone and given a strong mandate to lead for another team, to lead the national body through uncharted waters.

There is just so much for him to do and the next few months is crucial to Football.

So the affiliated should just come out with their resolution and decide now that Hamidin detains his seat without contest.

After all the 20 affiliates should speak with one voice, like the AFC motto – One Asia One Vision.

There is no denying that Hamidin is an astute sports politician that makes one wonder how he will fare in real politics,

I have my beef with Hamidin in several things, but it’s the right thing to do for him to be endorsed as time is really it’s a walkover.

Banquets where due and brickbats when necessary , that’s how we ought to look at life.