FAM President’s 100 Days – My Response

In responding to FAM Media Release on the 100 days acievemejtsvunder the leadership of Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin as President of FAM since July 14, I have addressed each achievement / success purportedly claimed under the various subjects.

I am also raising several unanswered issues that ought to have been addressed in truly assessing the ability of a leader to change things around.

Firstly though this is what FAM revealed and my responses.

Selain teras kepimpinan tersebut, tempoh 100 hari pertama ini juga telah menampakkan perkembangan cukup positif apabila beberapa kejayaan dicapai oleh FAM, antaranya:

1. Merangkul Anugerah Dream Asia AFC atas kerja-kerja pembangunan akar umbi

This is a commercial award that carries no weight age as it’s a sponsored event. Winning such awards for development when actual work was done by NFDP should not be looked as an ability to deliver. Besides those who decided on the award surely did not take into account the two months work since his promotion to President. Development is an ongoing process and yardstick is having a large pool of players, which NFDP has , some 25,000.

2. Menganjurkan dengan jayanya Kejuaraan B-16 AFC 2018, yang juga kejohanan pertama AFC yang dianjurkan FAM sejak Piala Asia 2007

Organising international events is a norm and to do it successfully is something FAM has been able to do under previous leadership as well. The Y16 was riddled with issues such as ticket sales and gates opening tunes, so who considered this a success?

3. Memeterai perjanjian dengan CustomCraft (M) Sdn Bhd sebagai rakan komersial terbaharu

Can FAM reveal its Marketing plans and achievement in total for the period. Signing of one new sponsor is not the answer as marketing involves several other factors not financial only. What has been done to promote or prepare a marketing structure for states to use as a tool themselves. No template .

4. Muncul juara Kejuaraan B-19 AFF 2018 di Indonesia

Again false statement as the team was in training and prepared over the year and not in the 100 days since the elections.

5. Muncul tempat ketiga Kejuaraan B-16 AFF 2018 di Indonesia

This was achieved again by early planning and not during the 100 days. Why is the failure in AFC U16 carefully omitted?

6. Menampilkan Mohamadou Sumareh sebagai pemain naturalisasi pertama untuk menyarung jersi pasukan kebangsaan, Harimau Malaya

Having a naturalised player who has played in our league since 2013 is not something to be proud off. Rather it’s a blow to our own players.

7. Melancarkan kursus Diploma Eksekutif Pengajian Bola Sepak UiTM

The cream of the underachievers. FAM has no business in such activities as their core function is developing Football not doing business. This is only one of many such programs going on, so why the emphasis on this particular program?

Now these issues need to be answered by FAM.

A) what is the exteabooerating expenditure administratively for FAM!

B) How many new staff have been recruited and what was the increase on the payroll in terms of percentage as salaries are confidential.

C) How many overseas trips have been undertaken by the President together with the Exco Members of FAM and what was the objective and achievement or end results of these trips?

D) What new marketing partners are being approached to ensure FAM operations is self sustained?

E) The Road Mao, was it discussed with coaches collectively or drawn up just to come up with a plan to gain popularity?

Hopefully the FAM President responds to these questions since it comes from a handicap that knows nuts about Football.