FAM: Start following regulations lah

Stories of unpaid wages of Football players are expected to dominate sports pages over the next few weeks.

With only four teams left competing in the Malaysia Cup, sordid tales of players having to beg and borrow in order to survive are bound to receive waves of sympathy from the public.

Why does it be the same old same old each year when there are regulations in place to check such malpractices ?

It all boils down to lack of enforcement, or in this case the close one eye syndrome.

Perlis were ejected at the start of the season for failure to make good their promise to settle outstanding wages.

Then several cases were revealed and the PFAM came under fire for stating facts on unpaid wages.

There is a club licensing regulation in place but it’s enforcement or lack of adhering to its own rules has made a mockery of it.

How on earth can Melaka FA still be allowed to compete in the M- League for the next season when they have acknowledged that they have debts amounting to FM8 million?

And it has been reported that amongst those they owe is the EPF and Income Tax.

These are statutory contributions that have regulations and punitive action.

A member of the public would have been carded from travel.

But trust Melaka to start planning for a playing tour in the coming season.

So what makes Melaka FA immune?

Perhaps it stems from the fact that their Deputy President Dato Yusof Mahadi sits as Deputy President of FAM and a member of the MFL Board.

There is no proof that he influenced any decision but mere presence is guilt by association.

For that matter those who sit in the FAM Exco should not in anyway be associated with teams in any capacity or business that directly relates to Football, including selling TV rights.

This is vested interest and is punishable as a form of power abuse and corrupt practice.

Whatever happened to the “ Aku Janji” that many of them signed in publicity stunts with the MACC.

The FAM has a lot of cleaning to do within its own building and it should really start from the 4th floor downwards.

Those who were once staunch critics of the manner in which fled such as this , used to write scathing attacks on the Administrators those days.

But today these so called harsh critics are guilty by association.

So FAM you are duty bound to protect regulations unless it’s just a document that is akin to just being a document that is full of flowery and flattery but in realty an empty egg shell like the F30