FAM/MFL – Are there two set of regulations?

Though many are saying that it is unfair to Penang FA, it was something they deserved.

Teams in the Malaysian leagues must realise that non payment of salaries is no longer something they should treat lightly.

Penang paid the price where it hurts the most – celebrating promotion and then been told they were docked 6 points.

Forget the time line,forget that it was a mere USD5,000 that was outstanding.

The fact is they had plenty of time and blaming the past regime, something taken from PH government, to blame the past government for everything, then there is no defence.

But while we laid rules and regulations, one thing does surprise – are there two different set of rules for teams?

Look at Melaka, it is clearly reported that they have failed to pay 3 months salaries to their players.

So firstly, why has the MFL not chosen to withhold their payment of broadcasting fee?

Next, why is there no action taken against Melaka like docking of points or a fine?

And more glaringly, how on earth can they qualify to play in the Super League next season and be given a licence?

The non payment of salaries is a clear breach of regulations governing the club licensing initiative and if salaries are not paid, then the club has fundamentally proven that they are not capable of competing on the rules and regulations governing the teams.

So why this special preference to Melaka or the fact of” close one eye”?

Has there been an obvious coverup by certain parties within MFL and FAM on Melaka?

Has the fact that Melaka FA Deputy President Dato Yusof Mahadi being also the FAM Deputy President and MFL Board member anything to do with this “ rap on the knuckles approach”

Both entities need to come up with an explanation as to why there are double standards.

Could FAM had paid the money due from Penang so that they would not be in such a predicament?

These are hard hitting questions that need plausible explanations.

And by the way, why has MFL not made public the regulations governing teams participation in the M League ( the buku Biru as it’s fondly known).

No need to give excuses. It’s answers that make sense that matters.

Or just admit there are two set of rules