FAM/MFL , Let’s start with good governance

Rather then put a cap on the minimum number of nominations to be entitled to vie for a position, the Football Association of Malaysia should instead on cleaning up the potential candidates, , both in terms of ethics and morals.

At a time when the nation is fixated towards governance and graft free, it is only proper that FAM follows what FIFA and AFC has done, which is to form an independent Ethics and Vetting Committee that will look into the eligibility of each candidate in terms of moral,governance and being graft free as well as free of pending litigation, Football or otherwise.

Setting high standards such as these is better then putting a cap on nominations as for not those who are serious will offer themselves as candidates.

Take for example to newspaper report above.

The Deputy President Of FAM, Dato Yusof Mahadi, who went in record in the media to lament that only those with support should vie for positions to justify the nominations cap, now sees his own state Football Association in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

Melaka FA admits that it has delayed in the payment of salaries to its players, as reported in the report above.

And that alone is a breach of the regulations in MFL with regards to club licensing as well as the FAM Players Status Committee.

For the record Yusof is the Deputy President, both at the Melaka FA and FAM.

And he is also on the Board of Directors of the Malaysian Football League.

Now both the Ramalingam brothers, Kevin ( MFL CEO) and Stuart ( FAM Secretary General) we’re quoted as saying that a sum of RM3 million was retained from the disbursement of the broadcasting fee to the various teams.

As a matter of transparency, and to absolve Yusof of any wrong doing or the matter any other FAM official that holds positions in state or club teams, it’s best to reveal which teams were guilty of non payment of its dues to FAM or MFL.

This call is made in respect of transparency and good governance that FAM prides itself upon.