Far fetched idea by a failure of a coach

Wow, with one statement, we have found the answer to heal Malaysian Hockey.

The “ self proclaimed messiah” of hockey went on record to say that he wants to instil the “ winning mentality” amongst players.

So all this while coaches in the likes of Terry Walsh, Volker Knapp, Paul Lissek, Stephen van Huizen, Sarjit Singh, Wallace Tan, Tai Beng Hai, Paul Revington and Roelant Oltmans never coached the players into winning matches.

But this individual forgot one crucial thing – he failed in his coaching if the national team at the 2014 Asian Games and even failed to take Malaysia to the Junior World Cup 2016.

And his remark to instil professionalism in the players by curtailing late night is indeed a bigger joke.

Shall we all remind him on the unfortunate incident in August 2013 when we lost one of our more talented players Chua Boob Huat.

Another laughing matter is the non commitment towards setting a target for the national team for the Asian Champions Trophy in March next year.

Oltmans was set a target of emerging as champions for the same tournament.

So why the double standards now, set this guy the same target and if he fails, he should walk the plank, holding hands with the Manager and Assistant Coach as this trio failed in the Junior Asia Cup to take the team to the semis of the Junior Asia Cup and thus failed to qualify on merit.

While the nation is undergoing a rise of Covid 19 cases, this coach has a total disregard to the word distancing.

Why on earth name 38 players for the training squad?

How are you going to pack 38 players into the pitch to do drills in the 75 yards as 25 yards are fir the keepers!

It is a clear case of trying to ape the west as it makes no sense on having a big training squad.

Now we all know that the first competitive tournament is in March.

What we wanted the coach to reveal was the training plan fir the next 5 months and when should the NHL be held.

How many friendly matches or labs to initiate friendly matches are planned before March.

Well let me state fir certainty that an European Tour will be planned in Nay.

It’s summer shopping that’s more important for certain.

And hello there NSC, are you paying allowances for 38 players under the Podium Program?

But why blame a person who sees the world with 4 sets of eyes!

Continue to have blind faith in an individual who only depends of foreigners to win titles.

Let’s go hunting for naturalised players as Indonesia could well end up securing several men and women Dutch players.