Farewell Krishnan, you touched the lives of many

The ever smiling Cikgu K. Krishnan left us suddenly on July 9. It was indeed a shock to receive such tragic news and I was unable to pen a tribute to a wonderful personality that touched my life.

He suffered a massive heart attack in Kangar, ironically amongst the hockey fraternity,

Krishnan was in Kangar as a technical official for the IGP Cup and as the officials were having dinner. Krishnan suffered a massive heart attack, and he passed away in the midst of hockey Friends, at the age of 64.

I describe him as a jovial person as despite having lost his Wife four years ago, Krishnan never showed his emotions though deep down inside he was devastated at losing his better half.

Though he was from Perak, Krishnan served Kedah, his adopted state, from coaching, umpiring and being a technical officer.

He welcomed those who were in Kedah for hockey with open arms, opening the doors of his house to accommodate them.

Instead of staying in hotels, Krishnan would always insist that these officials stayed at his house.

Such a warm personality with a big heart, that’s the best way to describe him.

I last met him during the book launch of the late Daphne Boudville on March 1, and as he collected the book, Krishnan quipped , “ Its a lovely way to remember an icon.”

It was over dinner during the 2018 Sultan Johor Cup that we joked that it was time for Krishnan to settle down once again.

Rather then fret or get worked up, Krishnan joined in the banter, saying that he would pick the saree for his “ suggested” Mother in law.

His dedication on the hockey pitch is an example for all.

Reading the tributes after his death, one could see clearly why he was respected, loved and above all admired.

Tall, dark and handsome. Krishnan would have left a mark on each and everyone who knew him, be it over years or just over a tournament.

He took life easy, never once raiding his life, offering advice and always putting a smile on the faces of others.

As they gather in Sg. Petani on Tuesday for the 16th day prayers on July 23, I am certain that most will share the good tines they had with Krishnan.

The hockey enthusiast who was bracing the golf courses with his close buddy Satish Kumar, the Kedah HA President,

Rest In Peace dear Friend. You will never be forgotten and trust me that going for a hockey tournament in Kedah will never be the same as Krishnan will no longer be there to make us feel at home.

You went too early Friend. There was just so much yuh wanted Hockey to achieve, but God obviously has plans for you,

Till we meet one day at the gates of heaven, we will all miss you.