Football; Are footballers not workers?

Is being a professional footballer not considered work?

Since JDT was forced to withdraw from the ACL as the government prevented them to travel to play in the ACL, so we can consider footballers as Social footballers

And rightfully as they are not considered “ workers” then why impose taxes and other government dues that workers are to contribute.

Under the closed border regulations, only those related to work or holders of work permits or permanent residence are allowed to travel.

Hence this is proven as often we hear the term “ imported cases” almost on a daily basis.

Yes there is a 14 days quarantine regulation imposed and we doubt JDT would have objected to that or any sportsman will defy that.

Why JDT not allowed to fly out and why is MKN adamant to shit down the Malaysia Cup but allows a award ceremony?

So it’s perfectly safe to hold the ceremony indoors but not play football outdoors?

And how does NSC defined work related to playing professional football?

Care to explain this NSC since you too are in a state of confusion while we the public are in the state of fear with the lopsided decisions.

Either one can or cannot, no middle road please and no double standards where politicians get away with daylight robbery.

Reverse your decision on Malaysia Cup and JDT.

If not stop taxing footballers