Football: As TM signs, another big deal on the cards.

As the deal between Telekom Malaysia and Malaysia Football League is inked this morning, another imminent announcement is on the offing.

While the Unifi sponsorship is said to be in the region of RM30 million, the minute details are not available as yet.

More on that later in the story.

But the story of the day is that CIMB are set to join in as sponsors of the M League.

Not major money though, something in the range of 2-3 million but it’s still a good start anyway for double President.

It however seems to have irked another sponsor who used to be in the FA Cup.

And now with CIMB coming in for a title sponsor, either the league of Malaysia Cup, the FA Cup lost its existing sponsor.

So where does this go from here.

Ok let’s say the TM deal is 30 million, and another 3 million from CIMB and the FA Cup sponsor stays at 2 million.

So we have a total of 35 million.

Importantly what is the TM deal all about?

If it’s a broadcast plus commercial deal, then there is still a chance to gain more from TV deals, be it broadcast or terrestrial TV.

While Astro May step in to take some matches, there will not be hard cash as they will look to offset their debts from 2018 amounting to RM7 million.

So that leaves RTM and if MFL are smart, they need to tie them up for at least RM5 million for Tier 2 matches.

Now with platforms decided – Unifi, RTM, Astro, next is the reduction of production costs for a match.

In the past the TV stations charged between 120 to 150k per match but with MFL Productions set up the cost was reduced to RM50k.

And this is where MFL needs to be more street smart.

It’s time to have a twice weekly magazine show, produced in-house by MFL and aired either on their own platform or over the broadcast partners.

This magazine show, nothing like what the current TV broadcasters are showing, should be something that is loaded with untold stories, good analysis ( not with jokes), positive discussions, views from man in the street, and more importantly carry a positive message on Football.

Broadcasters play a vital role towards the promotion of the sport and MFL needs to play a vital role to determine what is streamed into our living rooms.

Things like hard facts, stating statistics are something that fans look forward to.

And this is the kind of stuff that MFL Corporate Communications need to dish out, not where President visits or goes.

And realistically MFL will need time to get out of their financial rut.

A good support from the government will help, but that’s not happening right.

Not when someone’s son or even his blue eyed boy gets power that really they have no business eyeing.

And until then Hamidin needs to old one on his own, but not with his job creative marketing team.

Time to kick bursa President or risk your getting kicked.