Football: Brace for the Moneyless Football League – MFL

So the M League will commence on February 28.

But it is a faceless league really.

Almost a month before the 2020 season kicks off, all is not well for what is deemed the number 1 sport in the country..

There are several trophies – Super League. Premier League, FA Cup, Malaysia Cup, Challenge Cup – yet none of them have managed to secure a title sponsor until today.

In other countries, the top tier competitions all have a title sponsor and with that comes lucrative contracts in terms of commercial deals.

Yet in Malaysia, despite having a dedicated full time company in the likes of MFL handling the commercial arrangements, and staffed with some 50 off personnel, it has failed to achieve its desired objectives.

Yet from September when Dato Hamidin Amin took over as President of MFL and the abrupt departure of Kevin Ramalingam as the CEO, no cutting cost measures have been put in place.

As a public interest company that is responsible to its stakeholders , MFL has yet to make public its accounts.

The public has a right to know just what the liabilities were of MFL are and if the steps being taken to turn it around are being taken.

It is common knowledge that MFL had owed HRH Sultan of Johor RM18 million. Has this been paid?

Then there are other debts like production fees to a TV station that dates back to the 2018 season.

Has this been paid or is there a deal being ironed out with regards of erasing the loan with a TV deal this season?

Then there is a debt of RM5 million to a online TV company that amounts to RM5 million of which a payment schedule was sighted but nothing was reported.

The list of debtors goes on abc on, many Contractors have yet to receive payments for jobs done.

So the question is what are the highly paid Marketing staff at MFL doing?

Are they protected by someone high within the FAM as they once served him in a different organisation?

And there is also talk that some staff being placed in MFL are mere cronies of several board members of the MFL Board.

The right person for the right job, that ought to be the policy of MFL.

However multi tasking is alien to them as they continue to enjoy the perks as the footballers out there take severe pay cuts,

And talking about the footballers and their inability to secure teams to play for.

Is this not supposed to be a professional league where the composition of the team requires full time players with proper contracts, ie playing contracts?

So how is it trans line Uitm FC. PDRM, UKM FC are allowed to field students/stAff as layers.

Questions ought to be asked as to the status of the players – are they truly professionals or are they part timers?

Looking at things from the broader sense, the M League cannot be deemed as a professional league.

The Telekom Malaysia Board is poised to decided the amount f sponsorship they want to bid at their meeting in January 23.

From an initial figure of RM30 million, there has been vibes the amount has been reduced to as Low as RM15 million.

And if that happens, then MFL might as well close shop for it needs to provide at least RM18 million to its stake holders yearly based on the contract.

With broadcast rights totalling of 75 per cent going to teams, the operating cost of MFL should be around 40-50 million annually.

So what deals have they secured so far?

Launching a league that’s really the Moneyless Football League?