Football: Defining one a hero when really it’s a zero

“ And then a hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone

Look inside you and be strong

And you’ll finally see the truth

That a hero lies in you”

That is how one defines a HERO.

Not through a poorly written, explained and quoted article by a malay daily that was published today on double President Dato Hamidin Amin.

In simple words, that article to put it in proper perspective was merely a “bodek” piece, and in media terms and article written without a byeline lacks credibility to start with.

Firstly one needs to understand the entire scenario before citing one poorly negotiated deal as a “ heroic” one.

Mind we ask what was Hamidin position in MFL when the initial deal was signed with TM a few years ago.

He was a Board member of MFL and was also the FAM Secretary General.

And for the lecturer who May have forgotten, Hamidin was President of FAM when TM pulled the plug on the deal.

And in September last year assumed the double presidency of FAM and MFL, hence giving him all the authority to make or break decisions, as he is a sole decision maker.

There is no doubt that the deal is poor, ask anyone who had Football, economics, broadcast and marketing experience.

It is so poor that it can be defined as the worst sponsorship deal in the history of Football in this country.

Whoever advised Hamidin in the course of the negotiations with TM should be shown the door.

An exclusive broadcast deal means that TM dictates terms, on who gets to watch the M League.

Can the brilliant lecturer now tell us as to how some poor citizens in rural areas will watch what is the number 1 sport in the country when they do not have internet access or for another matter cannot afford internet.

Yes Tuan Lecturer you may say what’s RM3 for a match, but for some families that RM3 could well be the difference of feeding the entire family or watching a match on his mobile phone.

Had the deal encompasses free TV rights, then it’s only fair to give accolades to Hamidin and I am certain he too will be embarrassed with the article.

Getting RTM or TV3 on board is the real challenge for Hanidin to make the slogan “ bolasepak milik rakyat” true.

Since Gobind Singh Deo was trying to secure EPL rights for free TV, will it not be proper for Hamidin to go knock on the door of YB to show some matches on RTM, for a few of course.

That will after all increase the sponsorship that was never disclosed.

For those who are second guessing the actual amount TM is giving, it is RM28 million to be exact.

To be fair Hamidin is trying his best to improve Football in the country.

But he is getting awfully wrongly advised by those surrounding him, so much so that articles such as this does more damage then good to his reputation.

To be a hero, Hamidin needs to do at the very least this:

1. Get all teams the grants of RM3 million and RM1.5 million for Super and Premier League respectively.

2. Get a fair broadcast deal

3. Get title sponsors for every competition

4. Monetise the ticketing system

5. Reduce the operating costs at MFL and FAM

6. Run competitions professionally, fairly , without fear and favour,

7. Act against teams for non payment of salaries with the full brunt of the law and not give leeway for exploitation through political connection

8. And vacate on of his position in order to focus on the other.

Only then we can truly call him a hero that he will thoroughly deserve.

Until then let’s not embarrass the man further by these “ bodekL pieces.