Football : give footballers and FAM the due respect and attention

Indecisiveness, poor communication and lack of clarity could well have our paid to hopes of the national football team to hold a much needed training camp.

It was widely reported last week by the Sports Minister that the national football team had been granted permission to joint that much publicised quarantined based camp at the National Sports Council in Bukit Jalil on January 28.

But that very night a TV station quoting a senior officer at NSC stated that they were not aware of the approval and they were short of accommodation.

After that nothing happened, except questions raised at the suitability of placing the players at Bukit Jalil as many untold stories of infections making its rounds, something the top brass of NSC opted not to respond too.

And in a phone call to Dato Haji Hamidin Amin this morning, it was shocking to hear the tale.

“ No we have not been contacted by NSC nor have any discussions held pertaining to the national camp,” clarified the FAM President.

“ We really are in the dark on this matter so we cannot say much as we await the proposal from NSC with regards to the availability of facilities and the SOP in place there.

“ Our coach Tan Cheng Hoe has drawn up his training plan but needs to know what’s in store before proceeding with the call up,”

A fair enough answer as transparency seems to be lacking and the concern of the President on number of cases there is justifiable.

Sure FAM cannot risk sending players there and even one infection will see them facing the wrath of the teams since the M- League is scheduled to start end of February.

National coach Tan Chen Hoe was non committal on the dates of the national call up.

“ As it stands the best available dates are February 1-10,” clarified Cheng Hoe.

“ But there is speculation that a more stricter MCL might be enforced on February 4.

“ There has been no confirmation yet in this but the uncertainty puts a spanner in our plans.

“ The question of where this camp will be, should it happen, is left solely to the discretion of the FAM higher ups and I have provided my input.”

Tan reiterated that holding one phase of training was vital before the FIFA dates and he hopes to gather some 29 to 30 players should it come through.

“ As matters are being decided , I have touched base with both both players and their coaches on the possibility of a call up added Cheng Hoe.

“ There can however be no compromise on safety of the players and if the chosen location is not deemed satisfactory, I will pull the plug on this proposed phase of training,”

And his views were echoed by the number one man in FAM.

“ We need full disclosure on steps and SOP at Bukit Jalil as we owe a duty of care to the employers of these players,” reiterated Hamidin

And the non appearance of DS Reezal in providing any form of direction is indeed baffling,

NSC has proven time amd again their failure in providing transparency so Reezal needs to step in and provide the much needed direction