Football: Kudos to MFL for calling off Malaysia Cup

A perfect retort.

That’s the way one will look at the decision by the Malaysian Football League to call of the 2020 Malaysia Cup.

It was a plea from the hearts of the Malaysian Public to allow the seven matches to go on so as to determine the champions.

How long will seven matches take? At the most 7 days.

But no , the NSC will not allow it, it’s deemed as a potential football cluster

Not even the fact that they were prepared to play in a quarantine like condition as stated in the SOP by MCMO.

Utter confusion in s what one can describe the decisions or directive coming out from NSC.

As a fact one probably has a better chance winning at KTM ( Kuda Toto , Magnum) then being able to predict what next Dato Seri Isnail Sabri would say in his daily briefing.

I once again ask this since the Minister and the Health DG have evaded answering – is it more dangerous playing a football match or taking the public transport?

Here you have someone alien sitting shoulder to shoulder to you in a public transport while the players and those on the football pitch and stands had to go a Covid 19 Test to be clear to enter the venue

And not allowing JDT to fly out to play in the ACL must surely be a candidate for Raja Lawak.

All the planes taking off on international flights are just paper dolls is it?

And the thousands that flew in and defined as “ Kes import” gore out to prove you cannot hoodwink the public.

Whereas your own minister was let off the hook for ignoring the 14 day quarantine.

And some sportsmen were allowed to go overseas.

So what do you really have against football?

Jealousy perhaps as they draw in more friends online then politicians can draw at their mammoth of mammoth political rallies.

Not one politician voiced out anything about this at the Parliament, not one.

Only Sports Minister DS Reezal voiced his personal stand when replying to a question on the privatisation of football teams.

Kudos to him for saying that appeal after appeal will be lodged so that the Malaysia Cup can be completed.

Why not these so called public safety concerned individuals go stand against current FAM President Dato Wira Hamidin Mohd Amin in the AGM next March ( Covid can be used if the politician does not have enough votes or a Devinder to even contest)

Commoners such as Hamidin’s stature do more then a decent job in ensuring safety.

But NSC only thinks that sports creators clusters, so name us one please,

Badminton halls are being harassed by different branches of the enforcement unit.

Why? Simply because the NSC has never published clear directives unlike when the SOP was handled by the Youth and Sports Ministry earlier when the pandemic broke out.

They had 5 different phases but did the NSC opt to follow w that instead of coming up with directives so confusing.

The Ministry of Education was more decisive but not going to school affected the mental state of the child.

The son is of a close friend said that he wanted to quit school and he is in standard one.

When asked why, he said “ I do not want to be known as the generation that took two years to do standard one”

Back to football, the financial implications are so great that while some work from home get paid full salaries fir almost 6 months, those in football had salary cuts ranging from 30 to 50 per cent

Well done politicians, instead of resolving issues, you have turned 320 footballers to being income less overnight and MFL probably forcing liquidity.

The decision by MFL today ti call off the Malaysia Cup should be saluted and it’s a brave decision .

And those in NSC should be accountable if our national teak does not make it past the qualifiers of the Asia Cup/World Cup.

Let’s punish sports lah always, as they depend on government funding.

Enough said as only those lacking scrotal gumption make lop sided decisions that are mind boggling as well as without thinking .