Football: Launch a search for the missing cups please

The governments of Malaysia and Australasia launched an exhaustive search for the missing MH370.

The search covered much areas, both air and marine.

Should the search be reactivated, perhaps we as Football fans could make a humble request.

Kindly also search for the Airmarine Cup that has gone missing from the radar after one year of being held.

When it was held last year there was much fanfare that this will be an annual event.

So what has happened to it? Why the deafening silence from Wisma FAM?

The Airmarine Cup is not the only missing tournament as so far as Football is is corned.

Remember the 4 Nations Cup held in Stadium Hang Jebat? Care to clarify this FAM Deputy President Dato Yusof Mahadi?

Or the Merdeka Tournament , last held in Kuantan in 2013. A prestigious and historical tourney, outsourced and now forgotten.

Then there was the Causeway Cup between Singapore and Malaysia.

So who is trying to re-write history?

Who is trying to destroy legacies?

Who is trying to create another empire?

Who builds up their own coffers at the expense of football?

These matters are clear cut but obviously many play the blind card, not forgetting that this blind person exposing this can actually see.

So care to explain FAM why drawing up a calendar to include such events has become such a difficult proposition for those who warm their seats.

So let’s now focus on starting a petition to search for the Airmarine Cup anyone!