Football Malaysia Cup: Nat Security Council decision is a joke of the highest order

The National Security Council should be renamed as The National Screw Up Council.

It’s decisions has been baffling and confusing and today showed their inability to reason.

The whole country is virtually under the Conditional Movement Control Order and the list of Standard Operating Procedures was clearly defined.

In the midst of the oldest football tournament, the Malaysia Cup with seven matches to go in determining the champions, the NSC pulled the plug.

And this was after the Football Association of Malaysia submitted a detailed plan on finishing the matches virtually in a fool proof environment.

The FAM plan entailed these 7 matches to be played in a state that is not under the CMCO directive.

They were creating a bubble fir the eight teams that qualified for the quarter final of the Malaysia Cup

But no, the S called experts in NSC decided that it cannot be held and has to be postponed.

What a irresponsible decision when guidelines in the SOP are strictly adhered to and further enhanced.

The NSC was powerless to halt or delay the Sabah elections or even during proper monitoring, and that was the cause of the spike today.

If you cannot think straight Ht then you might as well vacate your seats and let others with better grey matter take over.

“Frankly we have ni choice but to call off the tournament,” was the reaction by FAM President.

“ The financial implications are just so big.

“ We are devastated by the decision.”

Hamidin is right as the sponsors Telekom Malaysia could seek reimbursement and f the sponsorship deal amounting to RM30 million which will force the liquidation process f Malaysia Football League.

And not forgetting the financial burden that f the teams who made it to the last eight

Now let’s look at this decision where a bubble was to be created as opposed to life in life in places where the CMCO has been declared.

I implore on the DG of Health Tan Sri Hisham and Senior Minister Dato Seri Isnail Sabri to read this and provide their answers.

1. Taking public transport is far riskier then have some 80 people in an empty stadium. And there is a reduction of services by the Transport Ministry with these two decision makers quiet.

2. Why not Hisham and Isnail take a train ( Komuter ride) with me at 5pm from kL Sentral to Tampin and see if it’s social distancing at the very best, it’s packed like a sardine!

3. I went to to Kuala Lumpur today and there were 6 roadblocks set in my journey. I only got stopped once, other were manned but not operating. Care to tell us why?

4. England is under lockdown yet the English Premier League is ongoing. Care tell us any Football cluster?

5. The NSC allows contract training in a quarantine based situation like one at the NSC Complex at Bukit Jalil Abd other venues, but a quarantine based football tournament is not allowed in a state where there is no CMCO, just brilliant.

6. Walk around in Kuala Lumpur and you will find more then 80 people in complexes or shopping centres and one would think the exposure of risk is far greater playing in an Emory stadium.

7. There are probably more then 40 people at the NSC meetings, surely more then 80 on flights !

The morale of the story is stop seating and making decisions on sports when you turn a blind eye on other more blatant abuses of the SOP right under your very noses.

The solution to this malaise is very simple – pay MFL/FAM a compensation of RM10 million as NSC forced them into breaching their contract.

And do bot practice double standards Isnail as you too were once a Sports Minister.

To the Prime Minister, impose the MCO if we are looking to stop this from spreading.

For those in the NSC surely di not know what they are doing.

Abd talking on the other NSC, National Sports Councul, it’s Director General Should resign for breaching CMCO regulations by sending the national hockey team to play an exhibition match in Penang last Saturday.