Football: MFL and FAM paint “ cerita sedap “ perception

It is the Chinese New Year, as we usher in the year of the rat.

And five days from today, the Football bodies need to make decisions on the status of three teams – namely Kelantan, Melaka and PDRM.

Yes the Football Association of Malaysia have given a January 31 deadline for these teams to settle their outstanding salary dues or risk losing three points, a month before the season gets underway.

This kind of action is what one calls a delayed re-action.

Putting a noose around the necks of these teams ought to have been done months ago, actually once the last season ended.

Their participation into the 2020 season ought to have been suspended until the salaries were paid.

But those sitting comfortably in Wisma FAM, who pocket their salaries without fail every month, just could not care less about all the sufferings the players Ho through.

Rather FAM and for the matter MFL rather gloat on a reportedly million ringgit league.

But have they ever sat down and though how life can be affected if one is not paid his dues?

I have gone through this syndrome, having not secured a monthly paid job, largely thanks to those in Wisma FAM and MFL.

The President of both these bodies has taken me on a roller coaster ride over the past 2 years, opting to listen to his 4th floor boys.

Frankly Dato Hamidin Amin is a nice individual, so nice that they joke is if he were a woman , he will get pregnant yearly.

But he is surrounded by cronies, individuals that only have their own interest at heart, rather then our Football.

I am now more interested in the latest propaganda initiated by the 4th floor boys and the corporate communications team in MFL.

That Hamidin will be able to secure a great broadcast deal and resolve the financial woes of MFL.

Since these chaps are on this charade, care to come clean on the following:

⁃ has HRH Sultan Johor recurved back his RM18 million loan?

⁃ has enough been done to secure at least RM18 million for teams as grants?

⁃ has the deal with a Unifi, with the criteria in the long list been agreed?

⁃ has the outstanding dues from Iflix been recovered?

⁃ the debt of reportedly RM6 million with Astro negotiated and settled?

⁃ has FAM and MFL paid the stadium board the outstanding for the past season matches?

⁃ has any measure taken to reduce the wage bill of FAM and MFL?

There are more unanswered questions in our Football then the answered ones,

But when the media opts for only reporting “ Cerita sedap” then what hope is there to put football on the right track!

We are doomed as these “ rats” continue to roam freely, immune of the traps for some are well protected, in the name of votes that are needed to hold on to positions come 2021.