Football MFL: Kevin to return, Ghani promoted

It is reliably learnt that major changes are in store at the MFL General meeting.

With current chairman Dato Hamidin Amin having announced his decision to vacate his position to focus on his duties, speculation has been rife on the preferred candidate.

Hamidin, politically savvy, has played his cards close to his chest, using the political term – its up to the board and members to decide.

One of the names being bandied around is Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

However it is learnt that the current CEO Dato Ghani Hassan will vacate his position to assume the Chairmanship role.

Ghani has proven his mettle, sailing the ship through troubled times.

He ought to be given the opportunity given that the clear a d calm blue waters on on the horizon.

So who will replace Ghani?

Although there is one individual within the system who is a deep rooted ball carrier of Hamidin, he stands no chance as he soon will exposed through civil suits filed on broadcasting rights.

And let the drums roll for the re-entry of former CEO Kevin Ramalingam.

He left for JDT and is expected to be re-hired.

Kevin’s is a suitable and capable replacement as he worked well with Ghani.

The duo will be able to hit off and make necessary changes that will make the M-League more stable.

What about the mess and flamboyance Kevin did?

Well even God forgives so who are we mere mortals to harp on it?

Besides Kevin has in a way been re-incarnated by the boss he reported to HRH The Crown Prince of Johor.

So let the changes happen and let’s hope and pray thing get better.