Football; MFL owe national stadium millions

At the rate things are going, Malaysian Football League could well be locked out of the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

They have incurred a debt of more than RM2 million and have yet to make even part payment towards reducing the massive debt.

In contrast the Football Association of Malaysia has only RM250k outstanding having settled RM1 million in payments lately.

The irony of the whole thing is that MFL hosted the FA Cup as well as the Malaysia Cup Finals at the National Stadium last year in July and November.

Both were sell out matches and the gate collections could have easily been in the range of RM8 million for both the matches.

Besides rental, MFL are required to pay a percentage of the Gate collection as levy to the Stadium authorities.

This could range between 15-17 per cent per match,

There it is surely poor financial management that has put MFL in this precarious position financially,

Having paid the teams their respective “ grants” for this year, was it not proper for MFL to settle at least 50 per cent payment to their creditors?

It is also learnt that the Stadium Board is not the only entity that is owed mega bucks.

Several other creditors too have been voicing their concern at the apparent lack of initiative by MFL.

Hence it will be prudent of the MFL President Dato Hamidin Amin to disclose as to what levels of debts are MFL currently in.

It’s pointless trying to save peanuts by cutting salaries of a few when most are gallivanting at company expense at matches.

It’s time to tighten the belt, if not come May one might see MFL being taken to the Cleaners.

The happy days are over, it’s time to beat up dues.