Football: Naturalised players, why not President and even Minister?

As I was on the train back from KL this afternoon ( Friday) after trying to earn my piecemeal bread and water, a thought struck my mind.

Reading the twitter , I noticed an old colleague commenting on the announcement update on future naturalised Malaysian footballers.

His reckoning was simple – since we are in the process of naturalisation to improve our football fortunes, we ought to only naturalised quality players or at least some star rating.

Point taken and well noted as this whole naturalisation thing is really out of hand.

When Singapore did it by taking footballers, Table Tennis players, Hockey players and badminton, our media went crazy, questioning the rationale.

But when we do it, not a whimper of protests from anyone.

Rather there is much fanfare each time a player is naturalised.

Come a time when we probably end up more like France, having a national team that consists of naturalised Malaysians.

And now even when it comes into taking players into the national Football development program, there are calls to take naturalised players!

Since we are going that far in this whole naturalisation process, let’s take it a step further shall we.

For starters let’s look for a naturalised individual as the FAM President.

Then we also need a naturalised Malaysian to run the MFL as it’s President or CEO.

Then we could do with a naturalised as the Director General of NSC.

And why not a naturalised as the Sports Minister?

Point worth pondering as we go naturalised….