Football ; Pro Licence Coaches in a quandary

The M-League should be renamed the flip flop league.

How many tunes have we seen decisions taken by its administrators Malaysian Football Limited or the governing body Football Association of Malaysia changing to their whims and fancies.

From the issue of promotion and demotion, to the issue of allowing privileges to certain teams, who have publicly admitted to bot paying salaries but left of the hook as they are well connected to certain officials!

Oh well this even extends to the award of lucrative contracts , rewarding cronies rather then loyalty.

This tine we need to highlight bread and butter issues.

It was decided that in 2021 onwards teams will need to be helmed by Pro Licence coaches with A Level coaches to be assistants.

And frankly the national has enough Pro Licence or Provisional A-Licensed coaches to go around.

No thanks to the Covid Pandemic, several coaches undergoing the course for Pro License are stuck as their courses are in mid term and would have completed it had it not been for the Covid 19 outbreak.

But for FAM/MFL to shift the goalpost now at this stage is grossly unfair and unprofessional.

I know if one coach who had to sell his house to pay for the course which amounts to RM65,000.

And while there are only 22 teams in the M-League, with the withdrawal of Felda and UKM FC, the job market gets narrower.

Some teams like Kedah, Pahang, Sabah, JDT, Perak , UITM , Terengganu have decided to retain their coaches, of which 4 are foreigners.

And Selangor too have signed a foreigner as well.

Kelantan, Penang, Kuala Lumpur , Melaka are looking overseas as well.

Which leaves the likes of Negeri Sembilan, PDRM, Sarawak FC , Sarawak United , PJ City having yet to decide.

And suddenly NS seems to be the focal point as the likes of K. Devan, B. Sathianathan , Zainal Abidin Hassan and Irfan Bakri plus 18 others are said the be keen to coach The Deers.

Not a bad choice for a team that performed dismally this season.

But there is a reason as NS will be assured promotion if the 4 deeded clubs finish ahead of then in the Premier Division so long as no other two teams finish ahead of then next season.

So it’s a easy task to say the least but NS always so guns coaches after they signed the players that does not sense what so ever.

These are the Pro License coaches currently available with some a step away from getting their full license.

Super League

Dollah Salleh (Pahang),

Zainal Abidin Hassan (Melaka),

Benjamin Mora (JDT), Mehmet Durokovic (Perak),

Nidzam Jamil (Felda United),

Frank Bernhardt (UiTM FC),

Ishak Kunju (PDRM), Nafuzi Zain (Terengganu FC),

K. Devan (PJ City),

B. Sathianathan (Selangor), Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (Sabah), Aidil Sharin Sahak (Kedah).

Premier League Pro license

E. Elavarasan (Sarawak United), Abu Bakar Fadzim (Perak 2),

Sulaiman Hussin (UKM FC),

Michael Feichtenbeiner (Selangor 2),

Rafa Gil (JDT 2),

Yusri Che Lah (Kelantan )

Premier League A license

Manzoor Azwira (Penang),

Zahasmi Ismail / Nazrulerwan Makmor (Kelantan United), Akira Higashiyama (Kuching FC),

Sazali Saidun (N. Sembilan ),

Roshadi Wahab (Terengganu 2), Nidzam Adzha Yusoff (KL)

Now only a handful of thirds coaches will get jobs in the Super League while some may opt for the Primer League opportunities.

While it’s understood that FAM/MFL had their reasons in shifting by a year their earlier ruling for the Covid 19 Pandemic , they must also be fair to those who sacrificed their savings to sign up for Pro Licence certification.

And a solution could be by enforcing a all local coaching set up for the Premier League with minimum A Licence coaches to lead teams in the upcoming season .

Let’s await FAM to respond as efforts to get the President were in vain while thoughts of Sathia will be published tomorrow.