Football: Racial Slurs, Silence from FAM/MFL

Many versions of the Sathia outburst at the post match press conference are making its rounds on the social media.

While most condemn the racist remarks posted by some irresponsible fans, there are still some that defend the action, with one journalist even stating there were sniggers heard in the press the press conference.

Having read mat of the papers this morning and watched the TV last night, it was indeed surprising that the highest Football bodies in the country, be it the Football Association of Malaysia or the league Administrators Malaysia Football League have not uttered a single line to condemn the remarks of the netizens.

This is appalling and hopefully the FAM Executive Board that operates under a cloak of secrecy as if it’s a mafia of sorts will come out strongly and take a stand.

It will s pointless just starting a campaign as they did a few years ago or walking out with a flag that says no to racism when in reality they just close one eye to such incidents.

FAM/MFL need to start policing Football websites or sports coal media, be it a free vial or unofficial pages and monitor system ch remarks.

And drastic action, like lodging police reports under the Sedition Act needs to be done to prevent racial slurs from be Ning a norm in this country before it’s too late.

Sathia was right in questioning where our society is heading even though we achieved independence some 62 years ago.

Words such as “ keling”, “ Bengali”, “ chinakui” are commonly heard these days.

Sathia, as did I, grew up amongst Malay’s in our hometowns, and both of us worked together in the NS President Cup team in the NS Dunhill League in the early 90’s.

We never faced such racist remarks be it in our hometowns or in Seremban all those years as we worked with all races.

This is all due to the racial divide advocated by our Politicians in their quest to win over votes and thus creating a divide amongst races works in their favour.

Unfortunately though this “ disease” has now spread to sports and the freedom of social media is allowing it to be widespread.

Selangor FA are said to be a professional set up, but if these racial remarks were posted on their endorses Fan Club FB, then they are equally guilty in promoting racism.

Such comments ought to be removed when uploaded and arguments like short of hands to manage social media full time is not economically viable is no longer acceptable.

Firstly Selangor FA, if they had conscience, should have lodged a police report, and it’s not too late to do so.

And Selangor FA should initiate legal action against the administrator of the offending FA page, as a lesson to others.

If Selangor FA cannot monitor it’s own social media sites, perhaps it’s time to close them down.

And as for these unofficial sites, it’s time to clamp down by closer monitoring.

Actions such as denying those involved in such ridiculous behaviour could range from suspension to attend matches, denying accreditation and even a lifetime ban by naming and shaming the culprits.

These initiatives ought to be done be not only the respective clubs but MFL and FAM.

And should such chants occur during a match, coaches should just take their players off the field.

It will s time that players, officials and Administrators stand shoulder to shoulder in curbing racial abuse.

It is time we educate those who seem to be uneducated towards the fact that we are living in a multi racial county and that racial unity has been our strength all these years.

Let not a few rotten apples soil our unity,

Let’s see you do something starting today FAM/MFL.