Football : Reezal – Hamidin leering gives fresh hope to football

An eye call meeting between Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican and Football Association of Malaysia President Dato Wira Hamidin Mohd Hamidin opened up possibilities of football getting back on track.

As revealed by this writer since two weeks ago, all kinds of unfounded news was speculated, mostly leaked out by an individual interested in unseating current Malaysia Football Limited Dato Ghani.

So far there has not been any formal discussions between the top brass of Telekom Malaysia and the football authorities save for Ghani and some officers of TM.

Back to DS Reezal And DW Hamidin meeting this afternoon.

The Minister was concerned with regards to the upcoming season and all the speculations and thus dropped in after parliament to discuss the matters with the President.

“ We have to understand that football is the number one sport amongst the public.

“ I am looking at ways and means to get the new season started as scheduled and also assist FAM in their negotiations with the sponsors “, revealed DS Reezal.

“ Firstly we need to convince the National Security Council to allow football to return as that’s important.

“ Also important are the preparations of the national team fir the Asia/World Cup qualifiers as not only does our team need to prepare but they too need to travel fir matches and teams will travel to Malaysia. This is an important area for the government to determine.”

And FAM President DW Hamidin was appreciative of the concern showed by the Minister.

“ It was a pleasant surprise to have Dato Seri Reezal drop in at Wisma FAM,” said DW Hamidin in paying tribute to the Kepala Batas MP.

“ We briefed him on our current status with the various sponsors with regards to the next season.

“ CIMB have indicated that they may pullout as well as one of two others.

“ With regards to Telekom it’s more with regards to fulfilling the terms of the contract on matters like advertising and promotion and commercial marketing issues and being unable to provide the efficient ROI.”

However both DS Reezal and DW Hamidin believe that issues could be resolved with discussions that end up in a win win situation.

“ We need to understand why sponsors are resorting to such actions as this is to be expected as it’s a global issues when income if business are affected,” reminded DS Reezal.

“ Funding a middle line is viral and new methods need to be explored how the sponsors can benefit to make up for their losses in the current season.”

And DW Hamidin readily agreed saying the key to it was being innovative.

“ We need to be more innovative in our approach and accept counter proposals with a mind set where in the end football wins,” said Hamidin who agreed that MFL and FAM needs to look at the challenges positively.

“ As the governing body we cannot be too assertive and pay heed to the advice by the Minister to be more receptive with regards to changes.”

And when DS Reezal was asked if financial help could be provided to FAM/MFL, he had this to say;

“ The idea is to make sure the league goes on as scheduled, and I do not discount financial assistance as well.”

In addition DW Hamidin discounted news that MFL had yet to pay the subsidies fir the 2020 season.

“ Thar is an irresponsible accusations as all teams were paid their dues early on,” asserted the MFL President.

“ kindly verify your news , especially from those who stand to benefit personally.”

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel after today’s meeting.

But those sitting in these two bodies and sending out wrong signals should stop throwing stones and exploiting things in their greed for power and improving their personal bank balances ought to be made to walk the plank.