Football : Removing CEO could lead to a Pandora Box opening

A coup d’état the making?

Several negative reports have been starting to appear in both the print and electronic media of late.

These sinister reports are well planned and directed mainly towards the correct Chief Executive Officer Dato Ghani Hassan.

Most of it is cantered around his ability to steer the ship named Malaysian Football Limited out from a stormy sea, and it not merely a storm in the tea cup.

Ghani is unknowingly in the line of attack.

Checks within NFL reveal there are already two camps, one that supports Ghani while the other questions his capability , even swearing that former CEO Kevin Ramalingam was a better person,

When it’s enemies from outside, the likes of me and you, it’s easy to overcome.

But when it’s enemies that share a cup of coffee, sit on the Board table, then obviously trouble beckons.

Where is MFL President Dato Wira Haji Hamidin Mohd Amin in all of this?

That’s another story for another day.

Ghani was offered the Secretary General position at FAM and the current one Stuart Ramalingam is said soon to be leaving for , or rather making a return to the Asian Football Confederation, a grandiose plan hatched a few years ago.

But Ghani politely declined and that set a certain persons dreams thwarted .

In comes the cancellation of the Malaysia Cup and the opportunity was rekindled, the fire started burning.

In order to secure the multi million dollar broadcasting deal, Ghani had to go.

So taking opportunity of the Malaysia Cup cancellation, operation change was initiated.

Stories such as failure of MFL to service sponsors and defaulting in the commercial agreements with Telekom Malaysia, was said to have been breached with the RM30 million deal on the cards.

Here was MFL looking at losing TM as sponsor only a year after the love hate relationship was rekindled.

Now first question – is Ghani responsible for that?

MFL has a marketing Abd commercial division as well as a Legal Department.

What were Abd are they doing to prevent MFL from going into liquidation given that some RM40 million is still owed to creditors?

And remember that most of it was inherited debts under the past management.

Just why this sinister move is being undertaken?

Money, or directly it’s broadcasting money.

We have yet to hear a single word on who secures the broadcast right in terms of production.

Currently there is already a contract with a foreign based company that has significantly reduced the cost of production per match to RM27,000 from the days of RM120,000 without compromising on quality.

This significant reduction has allowed all matches to be aired unlike the one of two matches syndrome.

This appeals to sponsors and TM is said to be quite happy taking the matches through free to air instead of cable or through mobile.

The ability to allow masses to watch mates is a plus point as many can watch the action while sitting at home or in the move.

This deal alone is with millions to those doing the production and in actual like making money while pressing the right buttons.

So in realty MFL should pay serious attention to matters in broadcasting, production.

Only when these are sorted can a complete ROI package be available to potential sponsors.

On a more serious note, conflict of interest should be rectified as far as composition of the Board members.

Those with interests in teams, companies and business , except those elected members by MFL Congress should right away be removed.

One cannot and should not have the cake and eat it.

Any deals made in their capacity should be halted Lear MFL be investigated for corrupt practices.

Surely Dato Seri Hamidin would not another pandemic of a different kind as he looks towards securing a full terms as FAM President.

Remember , many eyes, not just my half blind ones are watching you.

Time to revamp President, time to let go of those who might lead to up the wrong path and eventually lead you into a bigger problem then one currently in.

Emotional attachment and cronyism ought to be eradicated now.

Let’s look towards some constructive plans and not have a seven hour meeting with “ pending” as the outcome.

And leave Ghani alone, he has much to offer, with the right people in the right positions.

You have been warned, trust me the evidence is just waiting to be released.