Football Resuming: A big NO, but FAM/KBS stay Mum

The National Security Council that met yesterday have rejected the application by the Football Association of Malaysia to resume action in June.

And it’s further understood that any consideration towards resuming the action on the pitch will not be done when the Movement Control Order expires or no longer enforced.

The Ministry of Youth & Sports was represented by its Deputy Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal at the Ministerial meeting on Thursday morning.

And the Deputy Minister went on to reveal that another application for athletes under the Road to Tokyo Program to resume training under Standard Operating Procedure prepared by the National Sports Council and National Sports Institute we’re being considered by MKN.

The decision on the “ no go” for the M-League is believed to have been conveyed to FAM/MFL by Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican at Menara KBS in Putrajaya late Thursday.

The delegation from FAM comprising of its President Dato Hamidin Amin, MFL Chief Executive Officer Dato Ghani Hassan and FAM Secretary General we’re briefed on the decision made by the National Security Council.

Efforts to seek any form of information from Dato Hamidin was in futile as in all likelihood he would only divulge any information to a select group close to him.

However Dato Seri Reezal was more forthcoming although he did not want to reveal much, as FAM requested that they issue the media release on this subject.

“ I have conveyed the decision of the NSC to them and they have accepted it,” said Dato Seri Reezal Merican

“ I believe FAM will issue a statement in this matter on Friday. .

“ At this moment I have nothing to add with regards to this matter.”

FAM/MFL wanted the M-League to resume in July but with the border controls in place, that was not possible

Also the fact that some of the venues were placed in the red zones of Covid 19 further hampered the efforts by FAM/MFL.

Though the Deputy Minister was quoted as saying that the decision on Football resuming was to be announced by the Prime Minister in his nation wide address at 11am, it’s already a done deal that August will be the earliest we see a Football being kicked.

When now leaves the FAM in a fix as their Deputy President Dato Wira Yusof Mahadi has shoot down overlapping the season into a 2020/2021 one for reasons best known to an individual who failed to manage his own state wages woes.

Arguably Melaka was to be deducted another 6 points if the arrears were not settled by end April.

So FAM needs to draft two press releases today, and we wait further drama that unfolds from Kelana Jaya.