Football: Revealed – the TM and CIMB deals

“Be it RM1 or RM2, So what. The quantum of sponsorship is not important. What is important is the stakeholders understand the value”.

Bold statement or so it seems from the double President of the Football Association of Malaysia and Malaysia Football League, Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin.

He was referring to the two recently signed deals of sponsorship between MFL and Telekom Malaysia and CIMB Group.

Yes you have a point there Hamidin, but remember this is not a “ Sendirian Berhad” organisation that you are running.

Rather it is a public interest organisation and utilises tax payers money.

Especially when the sponsorship is derived from government linked companies which in turn are responsible towards their shareholders.

So statements such as this does not reflect well on a leader that heads two of the most watched at and scrutinised organisations in the country.

Well to cut the long story short and for the benefit of the Football fans at large, we can reveal that from sources close to these two deals, the TM sponsorship is worth RM28 million while the CIMB deal is worth RM2.5 million.

There you go, it was not that difficult to find out right.

The onus is on you now to go ahead and deny the figures a President X 2, not for me to reveal my sources as you have your henchmen going all over to find out just where is the leak.

The CIMB deal, reportedly, as a PR exercise, was said to be the highest ever CIMB has paid for a sports sponsorship.

This I refute categorically as the most sponsorship paid out by CIMB was for the Golf PGA event that costs in the range of RM20 million per year. But that’s history now.

But wait a minute, is this it not lower then the Junior Cycling Malaysia ( JCM) sponsorship said to be in the region of RM3 million per year?

Kudos are due for initiating a breath of fresh sir into Malaysian Football, no denying that for Hamidin.

But transparency and accountability are two virtues that are necessary towards a lean and mean organisation that lives up to proper governance.

And making such statements as above shows that FAM and MFL have something to hide.

These two deals plus the few others like Maybank, Air Asia and some others take the total earnings to RM34 million.

Realistically MFL, should their Board on February 19 decide to give a grant of RM1.5 million to Super League teams and 500k to Premier League teams, require something in the region of RM50 million per season.

Let’s do some maths here shall we.

Subsidy to stakeholders – RM24 million

TV Production costs – RM13 million

MFL Operational Expenses ( Emoluments and office) – RM5 million

Servicing debts of RM40 million – RM10 million per year

And it will take them close to 3-4 years to get out of the red, unless of course the Hero can gun down several big sponsors.

Unlikely? Well he has a team of marketers and advisors that have been in hibernation for years.

Time to wake them up Midin or time to kick butts.

The Football fraternity is watch, be it RM1 or RM2 that you utilise.