Football: Salaries and Covid 19 – Sit Down and Talk is Dato Windsor’s advise

It’s time to sit down and talk.

That’s the advise given by Asian Football Confederation Secretary General Dato Windsor Paul on the salaries issue of footballers that making the news day in snd day out.

According to Windsor FIFA has formed a task force to look into this matter with guidelines expected to be issued soon.

“ Not withstanding this, the onus is on the employer clubs, the players and the players association representative to discuss things over and not come out with a decision without consultation,” said Windsor when contacted today.

“ It has to be a win-win situation for both parties, the employers and the players.

“ While clubs in Europe are at the end stage of their leagues, in Malaysia the situation is quite the opposite.

“ So both parties need to understand each other and not place demands that cannot be met.

“ For instance clubs are facing a huge financial implication with no matches played and therefore projected gate collection as income is affected.

“ On the other hand the players too have commitments like families, loans and daily living expenses to contend with.”

Dato Windsor is advising both club and player to be more open towards solving this impasse rather then being confrontational .

Effectively it’s a contract between the club and player, so only the two parties can make any amendment through an appendix attached to it,” said Dato Windsor.

“ The national body FAM and the league Administrators MFL need to play a role by getting the PFAM to sit and discuss things.

“ Clubs have no income during this tough period and players need to understand that as well.

“ It’s better to sit down and talk, not discuss things in the public domain.

“ After all the contents of the contracts are private and confidential.”

Windsor added that once FIFA had provided the guideline, the clubs could use it as a yardstick to open discussions.

“ However it’s best to initiate discussions now rather then wait,” advised Dato Windsor.