Football: Should MFL be closed?

That is the question of many in the Football fraternity.

Set up to manage the league, FMLLP in the initial stage and now know as MFL, this so called independent body had been beleaguered with issues.

Who can forget the saga of MP Silva?

The multi million dollar deal that collapsed and no action or investigations were initiated.

Then there were several other commercial deals, many had massive signing ceremonies yet a year later every deal was said to have collapsed.

And then came the end of the TM deal, while many cited government interference, linked to a pertinent dislike of an individual, others claimed it was a forced marriage, never destined to work out.

So much so that today Malaysian Football is struggling to make ends meet,

Stakeholders are wary of the fact that a title sponsor can be secured for the season as the silence is deafening,

They argue the cost of keeping MFL afloat, from the high operating costs to massive salaries and virtually a duplication of duties with the national body FAM.

Both entities have their own HR, Legal, Marketing, Media, Competitions and Finance Departments.

And in many really there are seafood, some who have not met their KPI.

So why are they still retained? Is there not an evaluation system to decide in their very existence in the system.

Talk is rife that many are cronies or relations of certain FAM Ezco or MFL Board members.

This if true is an abuse and a clear violation by virtue of conflict of interest and poor governance.

So it is pertinent to note that double President Datuk Hamidin Amin has not done anything to purge the excess staffing.

If one can remember, FAM had when Hamidin was Secretary General and TMJ was President, initiated a cost cutting exercise at FAM that saw 20 staff losing their jobs.

So what really is the work force at FAM and MFL?

Those in FAM, with the exception of the 4th floor boys, are paid average salaries and really go about doing their work without fanfare.

I dare say the deliverables at FAM bh the staff is far better then some, not all at MFL.

A stakeholder was blunt – why not close MFL, move the good staff to FAM and let them run the M League.

“Already we are paying a hefty sum for rental if the office and the said 60 odd staff there itself.”

“Here we as teams had to reduce our expenses and submit all kind of documentation to justify our Budget and expenses.”

“But has anyone seen the accounts of MFL? Do we know what their overheads are? Why are they not an open book when they pry into our operations?”

These are valid questions that they dare not ask openly at meetings,

There is always a pre Congress meeting the night before any open congress meeting.

And it here that the truths are being unveiled, with the next day meeting just being a window dressing.

It is time that MFL existence or purpose be re-examined.

Let it be above board or lest end up to be another 1MDB, where sordid takes only appear after damage done.

Will we have an open book?

I doubt it as cronyism and nepotism has made its inroads to our sports scene,