Football: Six month gathering and social distancing vital says MOH

The statement by Dato Noor Hisham Abdullah on TV this evening virtually extinguished any hopes of the M League being held or continued this year.

The DG of Health made it crystal clear that the Ministry of Health is recommending for no large gathering of any kind, and that applies to all sectors, including sports.

However any final decision will come from the National Security Council but what is vital is the DG stating that inter state travel is to be prohibited for quite some time.

And with Football teams needing to travel, this will surely not be permitted and with the six month period recommended, it’s best that MFL and FAM opt to just cancel the M- League and all other competitions.

Though new cases have been on the decline. Dato Noor Hisham further states that it is not a basis to remove the MCO as the WHO has stated six different criteria to remove the MCO

“ Firstly we need to narrow down the areas affected and that is why the cris border control is necessary,”added Noor Hisham in his daily briefing aired over TV.

So sports bodies need to take heed of this advice and look towards planning activities after September in order not to contravene the restrictions recommended by the MOH which however are subject to NSC approval.

Hence move on Malaysian Football.