Football: Stop seeking bailouts as you failed to deliver

What is so special about Malaysian Football?

Do those running Football not realise they are actually ruining Football?

Does those involved in the sport think they are God sent?

From unpaid wages, poor venues, unscrupulous spending to shopping spree of third rated foreign players – you name it, Malaysian Football had its own folklore stories.

No stories you would want to tell your kids at bedtime though as they are akin to horror flicks that might keep your kid awake the whole night.

These questions are posed simply because Football thinks it is a sport that deserves and warrants special attention.

Each time we will see reports that teams seek bailouts from either state governments or the federal governments for their financial woes.

Even the national body resorts to this and it’s really shameful setting such precedents.

Will the state FA’s , clubs or teams allow an independent external audit of their accounts to show if proper governance was adhered to?

So far most sports bodies have resisted any auditing of their accounts.

It’s perfectly fine for them to use public funds but when any condition is set on transparency , they coil into their shell like a snail.

And then cry out loudly that this is tantamount to government interference and cite internal bodies regulation prohibiting any government interference.

So why not go to your international bodies when you cannot pay wages of your players?

Honestly why should the federal or state governments dish out public funds for the sheer incompetence and poor delivery of some officials?

Even at the national level, what’s so special that an amount of RM45 million is allocated for Football via the NFDP.

What are the deliverables of Football in terms of results internationally

It’s like the chicken and egg thing, “ ayam telur sebiji riuh satu kamoung”.

They win mediocre tournaments in the region yet do chest thumping as if they have won a major trophy.

Compare Football to other sports in terms of funding and deliverables- be it at state or international levels.

Who delivers medals at multi sports events consistently?

Who are managed by a motley crew of underpaid staff yet diligently produce results?

The state governments and federal government must open their eyes and do justice to other sports that deliver.

And always remember Football is not the only sport that delivers, rather they never did since the last 10 years