Football: Taking credit, denying legacies, forgetting friendship

Why deny Khairy Jamaludfin his legacy?

That is the question I wish to direct to the all powerful Stuart Ramalingam whose carefully crafted “apology” statement made it debut today after the Facebook fiasco by FAM that caused much banter in the social media over the past 24 hours.

Just a recap – FAM had claimed on its Facebook posting that the success of the Under 15 team thus far was as a result of their DNA that they introduced last month.

But when the critics started questioning the role NFDP had played, a back track was formulated.

And today not only FAM apologised but crafted a reply in such a manner that it clearly showed them trying to avoid giving the KJ initiated NFDP the credit but tailored it in such a way that it was as if the NFDP was only started in December last year.

For the benefit is the readers, both the articles are reproduced above.

The question is why is FAM trying to be politically right?

One cannot and should not re-write history just to suit the whims and fancies of certain quarters.

It was KJ that first initiated the NFDP and let there be no two ways about it.

And while we all are proud of the exploits of our youngsters, let’s not get carried away, not just yet.

It’s a long journey and consistency is the key towards achieving sustainability,

Only then can we talk about taking and giving credit Stuart.

There was absolutely no necessity for this to happen in the first place. Not when the FAM President has a top notch team in place on the fourth floor to come out with carefully worded statements.

And talking about KJ, lest the FAM President forget what transpired in KL Tower in 2007 where it was KJ who spike up for him, not those surrounding him today.