Football: The TM Deal, worst in the history of football for fans and the sport

As the applause ceases a day after the signing of the three year Football deal between Telekom Malaysia and Malaysian Football League, there seem to be more questions then answers.

Throughly a failed PR exercise in not revealing the quantum of the sponsorship, other scant details point towards it being considered one of the worst football deals of the decade.

And that is derived not from the fact that the figure could well be within the range of RM30 million, but other revealed details proved that MFL had to virtually sell their souls to reach to this kind of agreement.

Which boils down to one thing – either the MFL people were too gullible or the TM chaps squeezed their balks ( pardon the language).

Ok let’s go into several aspects of the deal that were announced and the trumpeting in our media today, except one that questioned the secrecy.

Firstly if the amount isRM30 million, and from what is being leaked out on purpose that the stakeholders will receive RM1.5 million for Super and RM500k for Premier, then the total amount is RM24 million, that leaves a balance of RM6 million.

The cost of producing every match of the Super League, FA Cup snd Malaysia Cup by MFL Productions could well be in the region of RM13 million.

And operational costs are around RM5 million, meaning RM42 million.

However MFL prior to inking this deal already are said to be in debts in the region of RM40 million which includes the Sultan of Johor, the Astro production Denys plus the production costs for last season and other Contractors .

All of these, especially the company that produces the live feed need to be paid something or else there will be no matches.

Football and fans have generally lost out in this deal, if one looks at it from it in the reality sense.

Firstly one will require a Unifi connection and that costs monthly money,

Next if one decided not to watch it on Telly but via mobile app, there is a cost per match of the package as revealed.

But wait here, what they did not tell you is that one match on your phone could well take up around 1 GB internet, this draining your data, and you would need to reload or increase the data.

And what does all this mean – TM will reap in the money as the subscriber base increases and not only gain from more Unifi subscribers but also the individual needs to buy a match or the package.

Another mind boggling thing is this pay per view thing.

Does MFL gain in any way from the proceeds of this arrangement? Meaning is there a profit sharing factor since MFL is to provide the production!

If it is all in the negative, that means TM will reap benefits from this deal and could well double the investment within a year.

In simple wordsTM could end up making a cool RM30 million themselves.

Hence now to why the secrecy of the amount and the details of this deal.

My contention is this – it was such a weak deal on the part of MFL that they are too embarrassed to reveal figures.

Oh before I forget, what about those poor kampung folk where there is no Unifi ( well my house are in Tampin has no coverage) going to watch the M League?

Mobile phones? iPads or streaming on computers?

The slogan of bolasepak milik rakyat should now be thrown out of the window.

We shall now change it to Boladepak Milik Ayah Ko Ker!

We shall also be concerned on the exclusive broadcast rights of matches,

Meaning the sole prerogative of giving matches out to either Terrestrial TV ( free to air) or cable TV ( subscriber based) lies solely with TM or in particular Unifi.

Will they be offered the rights and at what premium price? And who collects that broadcast fee – is it MFL or TM to further recoup their investment?

Care to answer Dato Hamidin Amin as your deal of the century is really going torn to shreds here by this handicap.

I shall be editing for the next carefully drafted spun from within the fourth floor or the corporate communications of MFL.

And I waited 24 hours for Midin to make that all important call.

The lines are open but the matches are costly, not at this severe economic times.

Oops by the way, what mechanism has TM put in place to stop streaming from mobile phones to the big screens vis projectors?

If you do not know, go learn from Astro On The Go.

A valuable marketing tip from this uneducated fool who probably knows a thing or two more then those in MFL.